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Any time you travel between Minneapolis and Duluth on Interstate 35, you will get a good look at the Snake River in Pine City. For recreational purposes it acts more like a lake. It can be a busy waterway on summer afternoons, with plenty of boaters meandering back and forth on this 3,000 acre water playground that includes the Snake River, Cross Lake and Pokegama Lake.

Pine City is built on the shores of Cross Lake. Lake homes within the city limits are just blocks from downtown, but cabins also dot the shoreline as you move further north - especially on the east side of the lake. The city, itself, has retained its comfortable hometown atmosphere, just close enough to the Twin Cities for convenience, but far enough away to avoid dense development.

Pokegama Lake, a few miles west of Pine City, tends to attract mainly lake cabin owners with its rural surroundings. You will also find a considerable amount of affordable waterfront properties all along the Snake River between the two lakes. And, if you like the more rugged riverfront settings or large tracts of recreational land, just head east of Cross Lake along the Snake River toward the Chengwatana State Forest, where you will end up at the St. Croix River and the Wisconsin border.

Just to the north of Pine City is Hinckley, one of the busiest pit stops anywhere in Minnesota. Between the famed food selections of Toby's and Cassidy's Restaurants, along with all the other eating establishments in the vicinity and the casino just a few miles to the east, there is a constant roar of traffic entering and exiting the freeway. The Grindstone River passes through here, along with several other brooks.

Just a few miles to the northwest, and just west of Sandstone, you will find a jewel of a water body named Grindstone Lake. At 153 feet deep, it is quite an anomaly for a 500 acre lake, and is continuously managed for trout each year. Lake homes and cabins on Grindstone are not easy to come by, and sometimes sell quickly, because of its beauty.

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  • Beroun
  • Brook Park
  • Cloverdale
  • Hinckley
  • Markville
  • Pine City
  • Rock Creek


  • Cedar Lake
  • Cross Lake
  • Grindstone Lake
  • Grindstone River
  • Kettle River
  • Kramer Lakes
  • Pokegama Lake
  • Rock Lake
  • Snake River

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