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About the Area

Pelican Rapids is sometimes looked at as part of the Detroit Lakes waterfront real estate market, but as a city of over 2,000 residents it likes to keep its own identity. Set between Detroit Lakes to the north and Fergus Falls to the south, it is on the western edge of the large lakes that are prominent throughout Ottertail County, and the southern edge of the popular water bodies that surround Detroit Lakes.

Proud of its title as “Home to the Worlds Largest Pelican,” it is not hard to find this monstrous statue in town at the edge of the rapids. But even though that moniker may bring in a few visitors to gaze at the big bird, it is the area lakes - and the lakeshore properties that go with them - that really pull in the crowds.

Right on the north end of town is Prairie Lake, with around a thousand acres of water and about 12 feet of clarity. But just a couple miles to the east you start to see the really big water like Lake Lizzie, Lake Lida, Pelican Lake and Crystal Lake…at several thousand acres each. And as you keep driving east toward Frazee or Battle Lake, you will spend plenty of time going around curves as you wind your way through an almost impassible lake landscape.

There is a wide variety of lakeshore real estate throughout the area. The lakes closer to Pelican Rapids and Detroit Lakes have a lot of year-round homes for those who work in the area. But as you get to the lakes a few miles out of town, you will find a lot more waterfront cabins and empty lake lots.

To find out more about lakefront properties and other real estate throughout Pelican Rapids, Vergas and the entire Eastern Ottertail County Area, just contact us or one of our local real estate experts.


  • Dent
  • Dunville
  • Erhard
  • Lawndale
  • Luce
  • Norwegian Grove
  • Pelican Rapids
  • Rothsay
  • Star Lake
  • Tansem
  • Vergas


  • Alice Lake
  • Anderson Lake
  • Bass Lake
  • Beers Lake
  • Berend Lake
  • Bolton Lake
  • Bradbury Lake
  • Burton Lake
  • Businger Lake
  • Christopherson Lake
  • Crystal Lake
  • Duck Lake
  • East Silent Lake
  • East Spirit Lake
  • Elbow Lake
  • Fairy Lake
  • Femling Lake
  • Fish Lake
  • Fladmark Lake
  • Franklin Lake
  • Graham Lake
  • Grove Lake
  • Grunard Lake
  • Heilberger Lake
  • Helgeson Lake
  • Hook Lake
  • Hovland Lake
  • Jim Lake
  • Kemp Lake
  • Kempler Lake
  • Krobel Lake
  • Lake Alfred
  • Lake Jacobs
  • Lake Lida
  • Lake Lizzie
  • Lake Olaf
  • Lake Ranum
  • Lake William
  • Leek Lake
  • Leeper Lake
  • Little McDonald Lake
  • Little Pelican Lake
  • Long Lake
  • Loon Lake
  • Maple Lake
  • Mink Lake
  • Moen Lake
  • Moore Lake
  • Nelson Lake
  • Paul Lake
  • Pelican Lake
  • Pete Lake
  • Pine Lake
  • Prairie Lake
  • Rankle Lake
  • Rice Lake
  • Rose Lake
  • Round Lake
  • Sand Lake
  • Scalp Lake
  • Seim Lake
  • Shallow Lake
  • Solum Lake
  • South Long Lake
  • Star Lake
  • Sybil Lake
  • Tamarack Lake
  • Tansem Lake
  • Tonseth Lake
  • Warner Lake
  • Wendt Lake
  • West McDonald Lake
  • West Silent Lake
  • Whiskey Lake
  • Wimar Lake
  • Zorns Lake

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