Orr, Ash Lake, Buyck, Minnesota

About the Area

Nearly any time you go further north than Lake Vermilion, you will end up driving through Orr, Minnesota instead. This is the last main stopping-off point before Crane Lake to the east, or International Falls and Canada to the north.

Orr has been a mainstay for travelers who need gas, groceries, or a bite to eat…for decades. It never seems to get much bigger - or smaller - but it is always there, waiting to give you a break from a monotonous highway drive that is a necessity on your way to the lake cabin or a fishing trip on the northern border lakes.

Kind of peeking around the corner, and barely showing its girth and acreage on the edge of town, is Pelican Lake…and more precisely, Orr Bay. Pelican Lake is one of those anomalies in Minnesota that weigh in at about 10,000 acres, similar in size to a few of the most desirable lakes around Brainerd such as Gull Lake, Pelican Lake, Whitefish Lake, and Otter Tail Lake a bit further west. Somewhat of a “tweener” up in these parts, Pelican does not get the notoriety that it might deserve for its lakefront real estate, since lake property buyers have a lot of choices on the monstrous surrounding water bodies and lakes chains like Rainy Lake, Crane Lake and Lake Vermilion. Although, if you are looking for a large water body with very reasonable lakeshore real estate prices, Pelican Lake may just have what you need.

But Pelican isn't the only good sized lake in the Orr Area. Just to the east are many expansive bodies of water in the 500 to 2,000 acre plus range, like Elbow Lake, Myrtle Lake, Elephant Lake and Echo Lake. And you'll find plenty of others around here in the 200-500 acre range scattered all over the Kabetogama State Forest, where you sometimes feel like the only person inhabiting the entire lake…and sometimes you are.

This somewhat undiscovered Northern Minnesota area may hold the best lakeshore real estate values anywhere in the state. On top of that, it offers the ultimate in seclusion, reasonably easy access to Highway 53, and fishing and recreational opportunities that are hard to beat anywhere. Even though it might be about four hours from the Twin Cities, this region is a million miles away from all the things you probably want to get away from…and having a lake cabin here may make if difficult to go back to the rat race.

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  • Arbutus
  • Ash Lake
  • Buyck
  • Cusson
  • Gheen
  • Glendale
  • Greany
  • Nett Lake
  • Orr
  • West Echo Trail


  • Alf Lake
  • Ash Lake
  • Astrid Lake
  • Ban Lake
  • Bell Lake
  • Black Duck Lake
  • Bluebird Lake
  • Bog Lake
  • Carlson Lake
  • Clear Lake
  • Echo Lake
  • Elbow Lake
  • Elephant Lake
  • Finstad Lake
  • Franklin Lake
  • Gannon Lake
  • Johnson Lake
  • Kabustasa Lake
  • Kjostad Lake
  • Lake Crellin
  • Lake Jeanette
  • Little Johnson Lake
  • Lon Lake
  • Long Lake
  • Mankus Lake
  • Marion Lake
  • Maude Lake
  • Meander Lake
  • Moose Lake
  • Myrtle Lake
  • Nett Lake
  • Nigh Lake
  • Olive Lake
  • Pauline Lake
  • Pearl Lake
  • Pelican Lake
  • Picket Lake
  • Pothole Lake
  • Saltpork Lake
  • Spring Lake
  • Susan Lake
  • Vermilion River
  • Winchester Lake

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