Sibley Lake

North Dakota

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Sibley Lake, North Dakota

The Sibley Lake real estate market is a top ten marketplace for lake property in North Dakota.

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    About Sibley Lake
    Kidder County, North Dakota

    Sibley Lake is a 1,304-acre lake and National Natural Landmark as of 1875. It is located in Vernon, North Dakota, in the natural environment that defines the state. Bismarck is around an hour away, making it the perfect daytrip location.

    It is a little over an hour from the Wishek Community Hospital & Clinics and less than two and a half hours from Hector International Airport. Other, smaller airports are closer including Bismarck Airport, which is a little over an hour away.

    The Dawson Grocery Store is within 15 minutes and there are schools in the township of Steele.

    Close by places to buy a drink or get a bite to eat include Lakeside Bar & Grill, Wolff’s Grill & Bar, Depot Bar, and Road House Bar & Grill.

    On The Water Fun

    Sibley Lake has plenty of room for residents to enjoy the waters. Many homes have docks for exploring the water by boat, kayak, or canoe, and there's a public boat launch for guests. Anglers on the lake will enjoy fishing for walleye and perch.

    Explore Bismarck

    Welcome to the capital of North Dakota, the great city of Bismark! The area was once navigated by Lewis and Clark and has since become a central location for North Dakota culture and trade. Consequently, it has endless opportunities for prospective visitors.

    The Bismark Arts & Galleries Association is open Tuesday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Visitors can come here to view stimulating visual arts.

    Additionally, the Buckstop Junction Historic Town facilitates historic buildings to simulate the experience of the early settlers of the Missouri River valley during the 19th Century. The junction offers tours and even membership for frequent visitors and supporters.

    Pirogue Grille, Blarney Stone Pub, JL Beers, and Fireflour Pizza are some of the popular restaurants in Bismarck. Laughing Sun Brewing, Luft Rooftop Beer Garden, and Borrowed Bucks Roadhouse are places to grab a drink to unwind.

    An Amazing Lake in the Heart of the Dakotas

    If you’re looking for a beautiful lake in a natural atmosphere, take a look at Sibley Lake. You just might find your next lake home!