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    • Counties: Coos County
    About Blood Pond
    Coös County, New Hampshire

    Blood Pond is in Lancaster, New Hampshire, near the state border with Vermont. For a big-city destination, Concord is under 105 miles away.

    The Weeks Medical Center is under 10 miles away, and the Northeast Kingdom International Airport is under 80 miles away.

    Perfectly Sized

    Spanning 20 acres and with a depth of 20 feet, Blood Pond is the perfect place for those wanting to lounge by a more secluded, private lake.

    Blood Pond has plenty to keep its residents entertained. Residents can swim or boat around Blood, and anglers will be delighted by the local populations of bass and perch.

    Explore Lancaster

    Those looking for fun off the water can discover everything Lancaster has to offer.

    Residents can enjoy a movie at the historic Northern Nights Drive-In, where visitors can enjoy the classic feeling of enjoying a film from the comfort of their car.

    Those who want to learn a little more about Lancaster may wish to visit the Lancaster Historical Society, which has artifacts from all over Lancaster that tell the story of this beautiful town.

    Visit Concord

    Concord, the state capital, has lots of attractions and amenities to explore for off-the-water fun.

    The top attraction is the independently owned Red River Theatre. This theatre offers screenings of independent films as well as classic movies.

    Those more interested in live performances should head to Capitol Center for the Arts. There they will find ballet, country, rock, and Broadway performances.

    Another attraction is the Mcauliffe-Shepard Discovery Center, named after Christina Mcauliffe and Alan Shepard. This museum features interactive indoor and outdoor exhibits as well as a planetarium.

    Calm and Cool

    Residents at Blood Pond are sure to be able to relax by the lake and enjoy the calm, serene atmosphere of their new home.