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    About Evergreen Lakes
    In Proximity to Saint Louis

    The Evergreen Lakes is about 40 miles southwest of Saint Louis, the place to go for shopping, dining, and nightlife. It also houses the Saint Louis International Airport, Saint Louis Downtown Airport, and the Barnes-Jewish Hospital.

    Pacific is just north of Evergreen Lakes, where there are schools, restaurants, parks, and other city establishments.

    Relaxing Waters

    Evergreen Lake’s peaceful waters set the mood for its surrounding community. Residents enjoy spending their time kayaking, canoeing, fishing, and simply hanging out by the water.

    There is an upper and lower lake with a small pond in the middle. Each lake holds a variety of bass and bream.

    The surrounding trees serve as homes for bluebirds, blue jays, woodpeckers, finches, cardinals, and many others. Residents can also spot squirrels, rabbits, and occasional deer.

    Something for Everyone

    Don Robinson State Park is a park that flourishes with wildlife. It features overlooks, rock formations, waterfalls, and sandstone canyons.

    Some of Saint Louis’s top sights are the famous Gateway Arch, Missouri Botanical Garden, Saint Louis Zoo, Forest Park, and City Museum.

    Hollywood Casino, Top Golf, Dave & Busters, and several clubs in the city will make any night exciting.

    Beautiful Lake Property

    Evergreen Lake’s beautiful scenery and laid-back environment make it an excellent place for a family or retired couple.