Cedar Lake


Cedar Lake, Missouri

The Cedar Lake real estate market is a tight inventory marketplace for lake property in Missouri.

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    About Cedar Lake
    60 Miles South of St. Louis

    Cedar Lake is a small residential lake about an hour south of St. Louis. The big city houses the St. Louis International Airport, Saint Louis Downtown Airport, and Branes-Jewish Hospital.

    Farmington is just 15 miles south of Cedar Lake, where there are restaurants, department stores, city schools, and the Parkland Health Center.

    Quiet Waters

    Cedar Lake is a beautiful body of water to have in your backyard. A small community of homes is tucked away in its wooded shoreline. Residents spend their time on the lake kayaking, canoeing, fishing, and swimming.

    There are beaches located off of Cedar Lake Drive and Lakeshore Drive, along with fishing piers. The wooded environment attracts a variety of birds and other wildlife that pleases the birdwatchers and nature-enthusiasts.

    Parks and Attractions

    St. Joe State Park is a large park between Park Hills and Farmington, known for its off-roading opportunities. It has a network of trails designated for off-road vehicles that get plenty of traffic. In the winter, the trails can be used by snowmobiles. The park's other features are four lakes, two swimming beaches, hiking trails, biking trails, and a campground.

    Bonne Terre is home to the famous Bonne Terre Mine and the Bonne Terre Drag Strip and Lead Belt Golf Course. There are tons of shops, boutiques, and antique stores for shoppers to explore between the cities.

    A Getaway from the City

    At Cedar Lake, you can spend time away from the city without being too far for comfort. Purchase a home on the lake to see what life on the water is all about.