Oxford Region Lakes


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Oxford Region Lakes, Mississippi

Oxford Region Lakes real estate is regarded as the second largest market in Mississippi for lake homes and lake lots.

Typically, buyers can find 20 Oxford Region Lakes homes for sale, and 10 lake lots and land for sale. Offering houses at many price points, Oxford Region Lakes homes for sale have an average list price of $320,000.

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    About Oxford Region Lakes
    Diverse City in Northern Mississippi

    Oxford, home of the Ole Miss Rebels, is a lively city in Northern Mississippi. The cultural town is proud of its southern heritage, which shines through in its historic architecture.

    It features a variety of restaurants, shops, bars, and other attractions. Baptist-Memorial Hospital is also in the city.

    Memphis, Tennessee, is about 80 miles north of Oxford, along with the Memphis International Airport.

    Lakes Around Oxford

    Wellsgate Lake is the center of the Wellsgate Community in western Oxford. The 130-acre body of water is traveled by kayaks, canoes, and electrically powered boats. The lake is professionally managed for largemouth bass and has records of bass weighing 10lbs and up.

    The Highlands Community, in eastern Oxford, boasts a beautiful lake of 80 acres. Rich forests surround the lake, where you will find a significant number of walking trails. The lake has an outstanding stock of largemouth bass, bluegill, red ear, and minnows. Pontoons, kayaks, canoes, and other watercraft cruise the lake.

    There are several other lakes around Oxford where you can escape the fast-paced life in the city.

    Restaurants, Shops, and More

    Oxford offers some of the best dining options in all of Mississippi; some of its best dishes come from Bourne, Saint Leo, Big Bad Breakfast, City Grocery, The Beacon, and Ravine.

    If you are in the downtown “square,” you are never far from live music. Places like The Lyric, Proud Larry’s, Rooster Blues House, and The Library are popular hosts.

    There are lots of boutiques around town for the shoppers. The Rowan Oak Mansion, Isom Place, and Ammadelle Mansion are historical sites in the city.

    Lake Property in Proximity to Oxford

    The diverse scene of Oxford will appeal to people of all ages. A lake house around the city would be a great place to raise a family, vacation, or retire.