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    About Longville / Hackensack Area
    Between Bemidji, Grand Rapids, and Brainerd

    Hundreds of lakes lie between Hackensack and Longville in the heart of Minnesota. Many chose this lake area over the others because it is not packed with tourists and traffic.

    Both cities offer restaurants, shops, and hotels. Longville is more reliable for banks, pharmacies, and other city establishments.

    Grand Rapids, Bemidji, or Brainerd are approximately an hour away.

    All About Lake Life

    The Woman Lake Chain is the most renowned in the area. Woman Lake is the largest of the chain, covering 5,516 acres. It is the perfect place for those who like to boat, water ski, and tube.

    Broadwater Bay, Child Lake, Girl Lake, and Little Woman Lake are also part of the chain. The smaller bodies of water are great for fishing and swimming.

    Thunder Lake is below Longville on the edge of the Land O’ Lakes Forest. The lake’s unique shape makes it a fun place for kayakers and canoers.

    Home to rental cabins and resorts, the lake sees many seasonal visitors.

    Fun for Everyone

    County Road 5 is an 18-mile route that runs between Hackensack and Longville. The scenic drive passes through the forest and along the lakes. The shoulder of the road is paved for those who like to bike.

    The Paul Bunyan Trail and Heartland State Trail are much longer paved paths for biking or walking.

    For more rugged exploring, venture into the Chippewa National Forest. It has countless trails for hiking, biking, snowmobiling, or horseback riding.

    Walker’s Northern Lights Casino is a short drive away. A night at the casino can include games, live entertainment, fantastic food, and beverages.


    Longville is known for its Wednesday afternoon turtle races. It has been given the name the “Turtle Racing Capital.” The once small gathering now has a stage and announcer and offers carnival games and food.

    The Ice Bocce Tournament is held each February on Girl Lake. Four-person teams from all over the state come to compete on the ice.

    Kick Back or Have Fun

    Longville, Hackensack, and their abundance of lakes make a great pair. Escape to this lake region for peace, privacy, and outdoor enjoyment.