School Section Lake - Walkerville


School Section Lake - Walkerville, Michigan

School Section Lake - Walkerville real estate is a beautiful, but lesser known, market for lake homes and land in Michigan.

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    • Counties: Oceana County
      About School Section Lake - Walkerville
      Located in Oceana County, MI

      School Section Lake is a 182-acre lake with its deepest point being 26 feet. The lake has two airports close by, Silver Lake Airport (32 min) and Oceana County Airport (32 min). Also, the closest hospital is Spectrum Health Center Gerber Memorial Hospital (42 min).

      Life on the Lake

      School Section Lake is an escape for those exhausted by the trivial goings-on of city life. Anglers can enjoy the lake view and the chance to catch the various species. Also, studies show that bluegill and largemouth bass are commonly found.

      What is Nearby?

      Residents are only a one-hour drive from Lake Michigan, the second largest Great Lakes and the fifth largest lake in the world. Lake Michigan has many opportunities for activities such as sightseeing, fossil hunting, wine tasting, and surfing.

      Oceana County also offers activities outside the lake within a 30-minute drive from home, Bayak Beach, Frasure Farms, and Greenleaf Aussies & Steers.

      After all the fun, enjoy restaurants like Rudy Creek Tavern (six min), Freeman Bar & Grill (10 min), and Freeman Inn (10 min). Shoppers can finish their list with options such as Branch Grocery (24 min), Pandora’s Box (29 min), and Ace Hardware (29 min).

      Why Choose School Section Lake?

      School Section Lake offers a great experience near a Great Lake. Those looking for a connection with the lake and a chance to escape from a busy life will enjoy School Section Lake as their home.