Pickerel Lake - Newaygo


Pickerel Lake - Newaygo, Michigan

Pickerel Lake - Newaygo real estate is regarded as a limited supply market in Michigan for lake homes and lake lots.

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    About Pickerel Lake - Newaygo
    Located in Newaygo County, Michigan

    Pickerel Lake is a 130-acre lake located near Newaygo, Michigan. The closest airports are White Cloud Airport (15 min) and Fremont Municipal Airport (21 min). While the nearest hospitals are Gerber Memorial Hospital Occupational Medicine (16 min) and Spectrum Health Gerber Memorial Hospital (16 min).

    Life on the Lake

    Pickerel Lake is a smaller lake that gives anglers a chance to catch various fish. Studies say that bluegill and largemouth bass are the most common species of fish.

    What is Nearby?

    Those looking for fun off the lake can enjoy the attractions nearby Newaygo. Newaygo County Museum (eight min), Terry Wantz Historical Research Center (13 min), and Veterans Memorial Park (15 min).

    After all the fun, residents can enjoy a 10-minute trip to restaurants nearby, NorthStar Cafe, Newaygo Brewing Company, and River stop Cafe. Stores nearby Parsley’s Sport Shop LLC (seven min), Family Dollar (12 min), and Dollar General (eight min) are a short trip from home.

    Why Choose Pickerel Lake?

    Pickerel Lake gives residents the chance to enjoy time alone with their families. With plenty of attractions nearby, it is the perfect place to relax and take your mind off the stress.