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Perch Lake


Perch Lake, Michigan

Perch Lake real estate is regarded as a tight inventory market in Michigan for lake homes and lake lots.

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    • Counties: Oakland County
      About Perch Lake
      Located in Rose Township, Michigan

      Perch Lake provides fun, relaxing times along the water for family and friends to enjoy. There are many outdoor and leisure activities for all ages offering beautiful scenery wherever you go. Many shops and restaurants surround the lake in a family-friendly environment.

      The Detroit Medical Center Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital provides many kinds of medical services to any kind of patient needing medical assistance. They are open 24 hours striving to make their patients healthier and have a better quality of life after any treatment. It can be located 16 miles southeast of the lake.

      Oakland County International Airport features wonderful flights for all passengers providing accommodating services to everyone located 15 miles southeast of the lake. They offer small shops and restaurants within the airport offering services of many kinds before and after flights.

      Outdoor Recreation Activities

      Cruising through the water, boaters, and fishermen can expect great catches of fish such as northern pike, bass, crappie, catfish, and bowfin. This lake features beautiful scenery across the water and all the nature surrounding it.

      The Rose Oaks County Park is 640 acres offering several outdoor activities for everyone of all ages. The park provides trails for hiking and biking, a fishing area where non-motorized and electric-motor boats are allowed, boardwalks, and more. There is also a picnic area for friends and family to enjoy sitting out in nature with beautiful scenery.

      Other Leisure Activities

      The Highland Hills Golf Club is located 6.4 miles southeast of the lake providing a beautiful 9-hole and 18-hole course for golf lovers and their family and friends. Other amenities in the club include a full-service bar and grill offering different food and beverages. This is a great place to enjoy a relaxing day on the course with fun, challenging courses.

      Several shops and restaurants are located in towns around the lake featuring wonderful places to browse through and dine in for a fun night out.