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Manistee Lake - Manistee


12Listings$225K-$950K$5.1MTotal Value
Manistee Lake - Manistee, Michigan

The Manistee Lake real estate market is a smaller but active marketplace for lake property in Michigan.

The average list price for Manistee Lake homes for sale is $213,000. Normally there are about 30 lake homes for sale at Manistee Lake, and 10 listings for lots and land.

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    • Counties: Kalkaska County
      About Manistee Lake - Manistee
      Located in Kalkaska County, Michigan.

      Manistee Lake is located in the town of Cold Springs. The closest airport is the Gerald R. Ford International Airport which is approximately two hours and 23 minutes from Manistee Lake. The closest hospital is the Kalkaska Memorial Health Center which is approximately 20 minutes from Manistee Lake.


      The county also offers Scenic Air Tours that operate all year and will allow you to see the different sights that Kalkaska County has to offer.


      Visit Grand Rapids

      If you’re interested in learning the history of logging in this part of the state, head down to the Forest History Center. You can see a recreation of a white pine logging camp from 1900, listen to stories from loggers and forest service patrolmen from different eras, or get a bird’s eye view from a 100-foot fire tower.


      If you’re getting hungry, you can check out the great restaurants that Grand Rapids has to offer, like Mitu Srilankan and Indian Cuisine, Donkey Taqueria, and Heritage Restaurant.


      Why Manistee Lake?

      Manistee Lake is a beautiful lake that offers different hiking and biking trails during the summer months, and when it is winter the trails can be used to ride snowmobiles on!