• Ownership
    • Counties: Osceola County
    About Lake Miramichi

    Located in Osceola County five miles south of Evart in the lower peninsula, Lake Miramichi is about 201 acres providing campgrounds and a marina available to dock boats for those without lake frontage.

    Medical care can be found about 18 miles northwest of Miramichi Lake at Spectrum Health Reed City Hospital serving as a general hospital.

    Traveling needs can be fulfilled through Gerald R. Ford International airport located south of the lake 90.5 miles away.

    Outdoor Recreation

    Lake Miramichi is a private lake where members of the area are offered a beach to swim restricted to the area by the raft and line.

    Boaters are provided a marina located by the marina for residents to cruise along the lake and enjoy a wonderful time out on the water. All powered watercraft must travel counterclockwise 100 feet from docks and swimmers with no wake prior to 9 a.m. or after 7 p.m.

    Other Leisure Activities

    The campgrounds provide areas of nature to explore allowing dogs on the campground requiring them to be on a leash. Residents are allowed to have guests with a guest pass and are allowed to park on the homeowner’s lot for up to two weeks.

    Several restaurants are located about eight miles north of the lake in the city of Evart as well as grocery stores.