Lake Michigan - Beaver Island Area


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Lake Michigan - Beaver Island Area, Michigan

Lake Michigan - Beaver Island Area real estate is a top twenty market for lake homes and land in Michigan.

There are typically around 30 lake homes for sale on Lake Michigan - Beaver Island Area, and 60 lots and land listings available. Lake Michigan - Beaver Island Area homes for sale have an average list price of $324,000.

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      About Lake Michigan - Beaver Island Area

      Beaver Island being the largest island in Lake Michigan is located in Northern Lake Michigan where there are beautiful views surrounding the island.

      Medical care can be found at Beaver Island Rural Health Center in the northern part of the island. The next closest medical care center is Charlevoix Hospital, which would require a ferry to be taken.

      Welke Airport provides flights to and from destinations and has amenities such as charter services, maintenance, high-speed wireless internet, and daily Island flights. This airport is located near the northern part of Beaver Island.

      Water Activities and Outdoors

      Fishermen and boaters can cruise along the waters fishing for a variety of species of fish including small and largemouth bass, northern pike, and yellow bullhead. There are different marinas where boaters can go out onto the water from.

      The Beaver Island Municipal Dock located on Paradise Bay has 25 slips with power and water where there are bathrooms, showers, and laundry facilities. This marina also is pet friendly.

      Leisure Activities

      Located in the northern part of Beaver Island history lovers are encouraged to visit the two museums and two historical sites on the island. These places feature historical people and events, genealogical research, archival pictures, and historical journals and other books.

      The Print Shop museum showcases the first newspaper, religious tracts, and Strang’s Mormon doctrines. It shares the history of Strang and his times along with the story of Native American inhabitants, early Irish life, Island musicians, and Feodor Protar.

      The Marine Museum shares the busy days in the harbor including fishing, shipping of various products, memories of disasters that overtook men and ships of the Island, and the aid of Coast Guard and Lighthouse services. There is information about shipbuilding, the vessels, and diving activities.

      Feodor Protar was a newspaper editor and actor who moved to the Island where he bought an old cabin and worked toward self-sufficiency. His home is now available to tour to see where he made an impact during his time on the Island.

      Heritage Park, located on Pardee, is a great area with pavilions that have grills and picnic tables to enjoy with family and friends. The park also features historic buildings, shops, nature areas, and more activities to participate in.

      This beautiful island provides many resources and activities for those who love the outdoors while having attractions inside, as well. It showcases its magnificent views all along the borders of the lake.