Lake Huron - Thunder Bay Area


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Lake Huron - Thunder Bay Area, Michigan

The Lake Huron - Thunder Bay Area real estate market is a tight inventory marketplace for lake property in Michigan.

The average list price for Lake Huron - Thunder Bay Area homes for sale is $233,000. Normally there are about 10 lake homes for sale at Lake Huron - Thunder Bay Area, and 10 listings for lots and land.

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    • Counties: Alpena County
      About Lake Huron - Thunder Bay Area
      Located in Alpena County, Michigan

      Thunder Bay is a historic part of Lake Huron, tucked away in a scenic cove that's known for its many activities on the water and shipwrecks.

      Alpena County Regional Airport is nestled right outside Alpena, offering connecting Delta flights year-round. The nearest hospital available is MidMichigan Medical Center, located in Alpena.

      A Storied Location

      Thunder Bay's English translation comes from the French Anse Du Tonnerre, meaning Thunder Cove, appearing on their maps as early as the late 1600s. The name most likely comes from the Native belief that the area was prone to thunderstorms.

      The waters outside the bay have given sailors past and present some of the most precarious conditions of any of the Great Lakes, with uncertain weather, rocky shoals, and sudden gales, earning it the nickname Shipwreck Alley. Over 100 of these wrecks are available for viewing via kayak, snorkeling, or scuba diving.

      Quintessential lake activities like water skiing, tubing, wakeboarding, and fishing are always popular with residents and visitors. Anglers can expect to catch lake run steelhead, salmon, brook trout, bass, lake trout, walleye, and pike.

      Explore Alpena

      Restaurants in Alpena are a short drive away. Courtyard Restaurant, The Fresh Palate, Hungry Hippie, and Austin Brother Beer Company are a few highly-rated examples.

      The Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary is a home for those looking to learn more about aquatic life in Lake Huron. Here you can plan a trip to dive, snorkel, and paddle along the shores of Lake Huron and get to see the shipwrecks in the shallow waters below.

      There are many state parks nestled on and off the shores of Thunder Bay, providing many activities like hiking, kayaking, lounging on the beach, and much more.

      Why Choose Thunder Bay?

      Thunder Bay is a great chance to form a connection with Michigan's second-largest great lake. You will never tire of the majestic experiences that will bring you a closer relationship with nature.