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Klinger Lake - White Pigeon Twp


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Klinger Lake - White Pigeon Twp, Michigan

Klinger Lake - White Pigeon Twp real estate is a limited supply market for lake homes and land in Michigan.

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    • Counties: Saint Joseph County
      About Klinger Lake - White Pigeon Twp
      Located in White Pigeon Township, Michigan

      Klinger Lake is located five miles east of White Pigeon in St. Joseph County, featuring beautiful scenery, outdoor recreation activities, and other amenities surrounding the lake.

      Sturgis Hospital, located 12 miles east of the lake, provides any medical care for any general or emergency medical care. The Kirsch Municipal Airport provides travel services for business travel, overnight stays, or quick stops featuring other services within the airport.

      The closest international airport is the South Bend International Airport, located 50 miles southwest of the lake. It offers other amenities within the airport to suit any needs.

      Outdoor Recreation

      Klinger Lake Marina offers boat rentals to enjoy a wonderful day out on the water riding around and fishing, as well as other water activities. There are several places to dock boats and a boat launch located on the west side of the lake. Boaters and fishermen can expect to catch a variety of fish such as bream/bluegill, bass, walleye, perch, and northern pike.

      Located 16 miles northwest of the lake is the Meyer Broadway County Park featuring a family-friendly and pet-friendly recreation park. This park is a 160-acre park featuring multi-use trails, grills, tables, disc golf, and other amenities for everyone to enjoy a beautiful day outside with a lot of wonderful scenery of nature and wildlife.

      Other Leisure Activities

      The Klinger Lake Country Club provides a golf course and other amenities for a place to relax and socialize. They have a variety of memberships offering amenities such as a pro shop with clothing and accessories, a swimming pool, and an outdoor patio. They feature an 18-hole golf course that is well maintained with dining options for members and their guests.

      A few restaurants and stores are located on the west and east side of Klinger Lake. Enjoy a nice dinner out at any of the restaurants that are close by with family and friends.

      Why Klinger Lake?

      If you're seeking a quintessential lake experience, you've found the perfect match in Klinger Lake!