Moss Lake


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Moss Lake, Louisiana

The Moss Lake real estate market is a beautiful, but lesser known, marketplace for lake property in Louisiana.

The average list price for Moss Lake homes for sale is $505,000. Normally there are about 10 lake homes for sale at Moss Lake, and 10 listings for lots and land.

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    About Moss Lake
    Connected to Calcasieu Lake

    Moss Lake is a smaller body of water connected to Calcasieu Lake via a navigable channel. Moss Lake is just a few miles upriver from Mud Lake and Calcasieu Lake. All of these water bodies eventually lead out to the Gulf of Mexico, which makes Moss Lake the perfect spot for lovers of both fresh and saltwater.

    Not only are you surrounded by large lakes and the shores of the gulf, but you are also just 93 miles from the city of Lafayette, Louisiana.

    Enjoy Recreation on Four Connected Lakes

    Residents of Moss Lake are genuinely getting the bang for their buck due to its premium location. Moss Lake residents can navigate upstream to Prien Lake and Lake Charles or boat downstream to Mud Lake and Calcasieu Lake.

    Boating, swimming, fishing, kayaking, and canoeing can all be enjoyed throughout these waterways.

    Calcasieu Lake is a well-known hot spot amongst Gulf Coast anglers as a destination for red drum fishing and spotted sea trout, flounder, and brown/white shrimp. There have even been sightings of dolphins and other sea life regularly.

    Visit Lafayette, Louisiana

    There is plenty of fun in Lafayette, Louisiana, just an hour and a half from Moss Lake.

    Take a trip back in time and discover how early Louisianians lived in the 1800s. You can take a tour of historic homes and learn how the Acadian settlers obtained food and water. It is a truly unique experience.

    Of course, there is more than enough Cajun food to go around, and it is a must-try if you are in the area.

    Take swamp tours if you observe local nature and catch a glimpse of the ancient dinosaurs living in the waters.

    Enjoy Life on Four Lakes By the Ocean

    This lake offers all the amenities necessary to experience the authentic Louisiana lifestyle. Whether you are looking to buy a family home, a full-time retirement residence, or a vacation rental, Moss Lake is an excellent choice.