Long Lake


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Long Lake, Louisiana

Located in Louisiana, Long Lake real estate is a tight inventory market in the state for lake homes and lake lots.

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    About Long Lake
    Caldwell Parish, Louisiana

    Long Lake is a thin horseshoe-shaped body of water near Columbia, Louisiana, right off the Ouachita River. Monroe is under 50 miles away, featuring big-city attractions and amenities.

    The lake is 20 minutes from Citizens Medical Center and around an hour and a half from Alexandria International Airport. Within 15 minutes from the lake is Mac’s Fresh Market, and there are public schools in Columbia.

    On and Around the Water

    On the southern side of Long Lake is Lower Long Lake, an outflow of the river separated from the main lake by a small mass of land.

    Around the southernmost curve of the lake are numerous lake homes, ripe for any prospective lakefront property owner eager to own a home in the beautiful landscape of Northern Louisiana.

    Anglers at Long Lake can expect to catch bass, bluegill, gar, and sunfish. Serious anglers have a short distance to the Ouachita River, where they are likely to catch bass.

    Private docks scattered among the various residences provide access to the lake for swimmers and boaters.

    Entertainment Options

    The Boeuf Wildlife Management Area covers 51,000 acres and offers many recreational opportunities for those interested in the outdoors. There are three designated camping areas, 10 public boat launches, and plenty of trails.

    The Caldwell Parish Recreation Complex includes the recreation center, community center, garden center, baseball complex, and Brownville Park.

    A Secluded Escape on a Beautiful Lake

    If you’re looking to escape from the burden of urban and suburban living and admire the nonsynthetic region of Northern Louisiana, you should take a look at Long Lake. It might be the location of your next lake home!