Anacoco Lake


Anacoco Lake, Louisiana

Anacoco Lake real estate is a tight inventory market for lake homes and land in Louisiana.

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    About Anacoco Lake
    Vernon Parish, Louisiana

    Anacoco Lake is a 2,600-acre manmade lake in Vernon Parish, Louisiana, just west of Leesville, Louisiana.

    It’s 15 minutes from Byrd Regional Hospital and 40 minutes from Beauregard Regional Airport, great for close travel and medical care.

    On and Around the Water

    Anacoco Lake is a hotspot for crappie, so it can adequately be described as an angler’s paradise.

    The Clear Creek Wildlife Management Area nearby is a 50,000-acre patch of land with hiking trails, campsites, and hunting options, as well as a lookout tower.

    Foodies can travel to Leesville to dine at Fatboy and Skinny’s, a highly rated classic diner that serves burgers, fries, snow cones, and milkshakes.

    A Place to Call Home

    If you’re looking to visit or settle down on the shore of a quiet and simplistic lake in a rural area, check out Anacoco Lake. It just might be the location of your next lake home!