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Dan Anderson

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Longville is the kind of place you might remember as a child when you think of summer vacations in Northern Minnesota. The classic tourist oriented downtown has an array of shops and restaurants that string several blocks from the water's edge on the Woman Lake Chain. It's an enjoyable and relaxing experience to travel by boat across the 5,500 acres of Girl, Broadwater and Woman Lake to grab a bite or a drink among the ongoing summer activities.

There are still several active resorts in the area which helps maintain at least a partial changing of the inhabitants here, and keeps a steady stream of new clientele for the restaurants and retailers. The area lakes are known for their excellent fishing, and with water clarity on some at nearly 20 feet, all water activities are a pleasurable experience. Lake homes and waterfront cabins are rich with excellent sand beaches, making lakefront real estate here of prime quality.

Known by all around as the Turtle Race Capital of the World, Longville has kept its Wednesday afternoon tradition alive for nearly forty years. Like a new community festival each week, there are a variety games and activities to satisfy the family, and the wildly popular turtle races are at the center of the fun.

Longville is the type of town that many people "long" for in this day and age of everything rushed. So come on up and take a load off your feet; you just might find the lake cabin-and the lifestyle-you've always dreamed of. Contact any of our local real estate experts to help you with your needs.


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