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    About Quarry Pond
    Location and Access

    Quarry Pond is a reservoir located in Putnam County, Indiana. It is also one mile away from the city of Greencastle. Indianapolis is under 50 miles away.

    On and Around the Lake

    Quarry Pond is part of the DePauw Nature Park and DePauw University. There are nine trail lengths here, totaling 10.1 miles.

    Unfortunately, swimming and fishing are not allowed on Quarry Pond. However, the scenic views of the secluded, peaceful, and beautiful waters are worth it!

    Residents can find a variety of wildlife here, including birds, deer, fish, frogs, toads, salamanders, snakes, and turtles. Trees, fossils, and geology features are also plentiful.

    Around Quarry Pond

    Adjacent to Quarry Pond is Splash Park and Robe Ann Park. These parks are family-friendly with many visitors from all over to enjoy some outdoor fun.

    Another attraction in the area is the McKim Observatory. The observatory houses a variety of astronomical instruments used by students in astronomy courses and research. It is also open to the public during certain hours!

    Hospital and Airport

    In case of an emergency, located just two minutes away from the Quarry Pond area is the Putnam County Hospital.

    Located about 45 minutes away from the Quarry Pond is the most commonly used airport, the Indianapolis International Airport.

    Explore Indianapolis

    Under an hour away is the state’s capital, Indianapolis. There are lots to do and see in this city.

    Indianapolis is known for many different sports attractions and museums. It is also home to the largest children’s museum in the country! This “sports-crazy city” is great for watching games downtown and enjoying the restaurant scene.

    A Great Choice

    If you are in search of a family home, a full-time retirement home, or a vacation home, then Quarry Pond is an excellent choice. Come enjoy the great scenic views and friendly community!