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Bittersweet Lake


Bittersweet Lake, Indiana

Bittersweet Lake real estate is a tight inventory market for lake homes and land in Indiana.

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About Bittersweet Lake
Brown County, Indiana

Bittersweet Lake is a quaint, secluded lake in Hamblen Township, Indiana. It is surrounded by properties covered in a thick forest canopy.

The lake is 30 minutes from Johnson's Memorial Health Hospital and an hour from the Indianapolis International Airport. Small Town Groceries, a local grocer, is eight minutes away.

Explore the Surrounding Nature

Nearby at the Morgan-Monroe State Forest, visitors have access to 25,000 acres encompassing steep ridges and valleys matted with forest. The forest provides quality camping, fishing, hunting, and even gold panning. The park also offers cabins and a lodge.

Lake Lemon

For a more classic lakeside experience on a large body of water, Bittersweet Lake residents have a meager half-hour drive to Lake Lemon.

Lake Lemon is a 1,650-acre lake, the seventh-largest in the state. The lake has lots to offer, including boating, fishing, sailing, water skiing, tubing, paddle boarding, and much more!

Anglers will have a heyday here, as it is an envied fishing destination for anglers all over the state. It is recognized as one of Indiana’s Top Bass fisheries by Indiana Game & Fish Magazine.

A Quiet Retreat in the Heart of Indiana

If you’re looking for a relaxing getaway in the beautiful Indiana heartland, take a look at Bittersweet Lake. It just might be the location of your next lake home!