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About Bacon Swamp
Seven Miles from the City Center of Indianapolis

Located in Indianapolis, the calm waters of Bacon Swamp offer peace within the city.

Just a few miles from restaurants, malls, and attractions along with Indianapolis International Airport and VA Hospital, Bacon Swamp is in an unbeatable location.

A Historical Area

With accounts dating back to the 1800s, Bacon Swamp has a fair share of history. It is most famously known for being a stop along the underground railroad.

In the 1830s, the swamp was owned by Calvin Fletcher, a farmer, and lawyer who had a 1,600-acre farm. It was hard for dogs to track the fugitives' scent across the swamplands where Fletcher had removable wooden footsteps.

Fletcher claimed to enjoy riding his horse around the farm early in the morning to "study the birds," but he dropped meals off to slaves hiding on his lands.

On the Lake

Bacon Swamp is now a place of relaxation, loved for its boating and fishing opportunities. Boaters paddle the waters in kayaks and canoes. Fishers try their luck fishing for largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, crappie, and bluegill.

Happening in Indianapolis

Indianapolis is home to attractions like Indianapolis Zoo, Children's Museum of Indianapolis or Indianapolis Museum of Art found in the city.

Also, housing one of the state's top attractions, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, draws thousands of people to events like Indy 500, MotoAmerica, Nascar Pennzoil 150, FGL Fest, and more.

Visit White River State Park for scenic landscapes featuring riverside walkways, gardens, sculptures, an amphitheater, and more.

Excellent Property in Indianapolis

Bacon Swamp will charm anyone with its rich history and tranquil waters. It is an ideal place for a lake home or vacation rental in a peaceful part of the city.