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West Loon Lake


West Loon Lake, Illinois

West Loon Lake real estate is considered a beautiful, but lesser known, market for lake homes and lake lots in Illinois.

West Loon Lake homes for sale have an average list price of $256,000, with many great homes at higher and lower prices.

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    About West Loon Lake
    Lake of Antioch, Illinois

    Located in northern Illinois, West Loon Lake is conveniently located two miles south of downtown Antioch. You will have access to restaurants, grocery stores, Orchard Medical Center, schools, and more in town.

    The lake is approximately 40 miles from O'Hare International Airport or Advocate Lutheran Hospital.

    Double the Beauty

    West Loon Lake has impressively clear waters reaching depths of 44 feet, with visibility up to 18 feet. These glassy waters encompass a total of 166 acres.

    You can reach East Loon Lake, covering 168 acres through a small canal on the lake's east side. It offers a more natural, untouched environment that is great for fishing.

    Giving the lake its name, loons migrate to the lake in spring, and their beautiful, yodeling calls can be heard throughout summer nights.

    Recreation on Beautiful Waters

    Lake activities like boating, water skiing, tubing, and swimming, are all accessible at West Loon Lake.

    Fishermen scout the waters for largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, walleye, crappie, and northern pike. Some anglers venture to the calmer waters of East Loon Lake, where larger fish lurk among the brush.

    Western painted turtles, bull-frogs, leopard frogs, and American toads are some of the lake's other habitats, including the endangered blacknose shiner.

    Nearby Forests and Ski Resort

    With Sun Lake, Raven Glen, and Redwing Slough Forest Preserves within a few miles of the lake, your hiking opportunities never end.

    Just over 10 miles away, you can have loads of fun at Wilmot Mountain Ski Resort skiing, snowboarding, tubing, or attending events.

    Property with Great Recreational Opportunities

    Purchase a property on this wooded lake of northern Illinois for endless enjoyment of the outdoors.