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Grays Lake


Grays Lake, Illinois

Grays Lake real estate is regarded as a beautiful, but lesser known, market in Illinois for lake homes and lake lots.

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    About Grays Lake
    Suburbs of Waukegan, Illinois

    Grays Lake is a small body of water located in Lake County between the Fox Chain O’Lakes and Waukegan, Illinois. It is located in a tight-knit community called the Village of Grayslake, which is about 40 miles north of Chicago’s downtown. The lake is just 78 acres in size.

    Grays Lake is just 14 miles west of Lake Michigan and 15 miles south of the Wisconsin border.

    The Village of Grayslake

    The Village of Grayslake is one of Lake County’s oldest communities. Established in 1895, it features a Grayslake Heritage Center that showcases the history of the village.

    Amenities include a large aquatic center, community garden, bike trails, commuter train, community events, farmers market, and more. The landscaping in the village is well-kept, and there are fountains, monuments, and park benches to enjoy.

    Historic Downtown Grayslake is like taking a step back in time. With antique lighting, historic storefronts with unique architectural styles, and small businesses lining the street, you want to stop to shop.

    See Lake Michigan

    Another significant attraction nearby Grays Lake is the second-largest of the Great Lakes, Lake Michigan. This Great Lake has a surface area of 22,404 square miles, with 1,576 square miles being in Illinois. Boating, Fishing, swimming, sailing, and more can all be experienced on Lake Michigan.

    Large cities, such as Chicago, border this large lake and have hundreds of attractions, shops, restaurants, and fun experiences to enjoy.

    Waukegan is also nearby, with sandy beaches on Lake Michigan, more parks to explore, and Six Flags of Great America.

    The Best Place to Experience Lake Life

    Whether you are looking to buy a family home, a full-time retirement residence, or a vacation rental, Grays Lake is an excellent choice.