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Lake Ina


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Lake Ina, Florida

The Lake Ina real estate market is a tight inventory marketplace for lake property in Florida.

About Lake Ina
Polk County, Florida

Lake Ina is a tiny nine-acre public fishing lake in Winter Haven, Florida, in a region among dozens of small scattered lakes.

The lake is 10 minutes from Winter Haven Hospital and an hour from Orlando International Airport. It is also within 10 minutes from both Publix and ALDI.

There is no boating allowed on the lake, but residents can fish for sturgeon, crappie, and bowfin.

Lake Eloise and Legoland

Just south of Lake Ina is Lake Eloise, a 1,174-acre natural freshwater lake that also happens to be the home of Legoland, a Lego-themed amusement and waterpark for children with dozens of rides and attractions.

Eating and Drinking

Children aren’t the only ones who can find enjoyment in the Winter Haven area. Locals around Lake Ina often enjoy restaurants such as the Mediterranean Fresh Grill, Southeast Eatery, and Nutwood.

Bars in the area include the Paddy Wagon Irish Pub, Somewhere Sports Bar & Grill, Gary’s Grove Lounge, and Sal’s Island Bar & Grill.

Explore Orlando

Orlando is an epicenter for exciting amusement parks for all ages.

The city is most known for being the home to Walt Disney World, which consists of a handful of amusement parks as well as two waterparks. Disney is always adding new attractions and is an exciting destination for families.

At Universal Studios, guests can grab a pint of butterbeer, fly on a broom or explore Hogwarts at the Harry Potter World. They can also face velociraptors and a giant T-Rex on the Jurassic Park boat ride and explore the Marvel Universe by riding the thrilling Incredible Hulk Coaster.

For a more water-based adventure, SeaWorld provides a unique experience with aquatic wildlife. SeaWorld is home to several over-water roller coasters, waterslides, and interactive aquariums.

A Quaint Lake in the Amusement Park Capital

Whether you’re an eager thrill-seeker who desires an exhilarating retreat or just want a piece of the warm Florida climate, take a look at Lake Ina. You just might find your next lake home!