Black Lake


18Listings$450K-$1.4M$12.6MTotal Value
Black Lake, Florida

The Black Lake real estate market is a tight inventory marketplace for lake property in Florida.

There are typically between five and 15 listings in this area at any given time.

Homes for sale near Black Lake can range between $300k and just under $1 million, creating a total market value of around $5 million.

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  • 12Avg. Depth
  • Shoreline Borders
    State Park (Some)
  • Ownership
  • Acreage
  • Counties: Flagler County
  • Fish: Black Crappie, Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Striped Bass Hybrid
  • Condos available (No)
  • Permit is required to use the lake.
  • Jet skis are allowed.
  • Motorized boats are allowed.
  • Houseboats are allowed with restrictions. -- Cannot be used as a primary residence.
  • Boating restrictions (Yes). -- Vehicles cannot exceed 15 feet in size, end to end.
  • Dock restrictions (Yes). -- Proper permits must be acquired in order to construct a dock on this waterfront. This includes an environmental impact study.
(407) 614-0500
2000 Fowler Grove Blvd
Winter Garden, FL 34787
    About Black Lake
    Location Convenient to Orlando

    Black Lake is an active lake, popular among many outdoor enthusiasts in Central Florida.

    Located in Flagler County, Black Lake spans an area of 212 acres and contains an average depth of around 12 feet. The lake is also in close proximity to Disney World, with Orlando being only 30 minutes away.

    Popular Sport Fishing Lake

    There are no motorized watercraft permitted on Black Lake, effectively keeping the noise level to a stark minimum.

    This makes it a premiere location for anglers of varying skill levels. Popular game fish in Black Lake include: large- and smallmouth bass, bluegill, black and white crappie and walleye.

    The Perfect Place to Experience Lake Life

    Whether you are looking to buy a family home, a waterfront vacation property or a full-time retirement residence, Black Lake is an excellent choice for lake real estate.