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Emily and Outing often come to mind when you think of Northern Minnesota resorts and lake cabins. It's not that they are so far north, but it's the surroundings, the clear lakes, the prominent pine forests…and the local bars that perhaps create this image.

Only five or ten miles from Cross Lake and the lavishness that has tied itself to some of the Whitefish Chain of Lakes, Emily and Outing seem like they haven't moved all that much from their earlier days as a home for modest lakefront cabins. There is a simplicity in the air here, and it is able to pull the stress away a little bit better than some of the more rushed lakeshore market areas around.

Bordered between Northern Crow Wing and Southern Cass County, the larger lakes of Roosevelt and Washburn offer about 1,500 acres of boating pleasure with excellent clarity in the fifteen foot range. Although you can travel a bit further on Roosevelt Lake once you make your way under the bridge at Outing and proceed into Leavitt Lake - and even further through the channel into Lawrence Lake. Or you might just stop and grab a burger and a drink and forget about the extra boating.

Emily has its own cluster of lakes defining the borders of its community. Ruth Lake, just blocks north of the main intersection, is one of the clearest lakes in Minnesota at over 21 feet. Emily Lake, Mary Lake, Dahlen Lake and Trout Lake also are home to full-time residents and part-time cabin dwellers on the edge of town.

To the west of Emily a few miles is the tiny community of Fifty Lakes. Perhaps more tied to Cross Lake because of its closer proximity to the Whitefish Chain, it is another popular vacation home area in what is considered the northern boundaries of the Brainerd Lakes Region. East and West Fox Lake, Kego Lake, Mitchell Lake, Eagle Lake and Sand Lake (along with the other 44 lakes that make up the number in the community name) are the main focus of this area. Those mentioned above are all attractive water bodies in the 300-500 acre range with excellent water quality and clarity.

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  • Emily
  • Fifty Lakes
  • Little Pine
  • Outing


  • Anna Lake
  • Blue Lake
  • Butterfield Lake
  • Dahlen Lake
  • Dolney Lake
  • Eagle Lake
  • East Fox Lake
  • Emily Lake
  • Goodrich Lake
  • Island Lake
  • Kego Lake
  • Lake Twentysix
  • Lawrence Lake
  • Leavitt Lake
  • Little Duck Lake
  • Lows Lake
  • Mary Lake
  • Mitchell Lake
  • Mitten Lake
  • Morrison Lake
  • Moulton Lake
  • O'Brien Lake
  • Pavelgrit Lake
  • Roger Lake
  • Roosevelt Lake
  • Ross Lake
  • Ruth Lake
  • Sand Lake
  • Smoky Hollow Lake
  • Stark Lake
  • Stevens Lake
  • Trout Lake
  • Upper Dean Lake
  • West Fox Lake
  • Wood Lakes

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