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  • 11Avg. Depth
  • Ownership
  • Acreage
  • Counties: Larimer County
  • Fish: Rainbow Trout
  • Jet skis are not allowed.
  • Motorized boats are not allowed.
  • Boating restrictions (Yes). -- Fishing-only lake. (See
UCHealth Poudre Valley Hospital
Denver International Airport
    About Letitia Lake
    Letitia Lake is located in Larimer County, Colorado.

    The lake is located in the town of Red Feather Lakes, Colorado. The closest airport is the Denver International Airport which is located approximately two hours and seven minutes from the lake. The closest hospital is the UCHealth Poudre Valley Hospital which is located approximately an hour from the lake.

    Close Amenities:

    The Beaver Meadow Stables offers a fun and educational experience for every member of your family! The stables have various different animals on their farm, including horses, cattle, goats, and chickens!

    One of the best-golfing greens in Larimer County, The Golf Club at Fox Acres offers beautiful greens and a fun golf course for any golfer at any level!

    Denver, Colorado, is located approximately two hours and eight minutes from Letitia Lake.

    Things To Do In Denver:

    The Denver Art Museum offers a fun learning atmosphere that you and your family are sure to enjoy throughout your time in Denver! The museum offers different experiences for everyone to enjoy- there are different time periods on display that offer a full immersion into the world of art!

    Denver Botanic Gardens are beautiful throughout the spring and summer months in Colorado- there are hundreds of different flowers and species of butterflies on display here! Need engagement, wedding, or graduation pictures taken? This is the place for you! The staff would love to help make your big day even more special so be sure to check out their website for more information!

    The Denver Zoo and Downtown Aquarium offer the full experience for an animal lover of any age! The zoo has different programs for kids to enjoy throughout school breaks and weekends, and for the adults 21+, the aquarium offers excursions that allow for different petting experiences of penguins and various fish while educating the patrons! Be sure to check out the mini-camps each place has to offer throughout the year.

    Lake Information:

    The lake is approximately 14 acres in size, and the depth, on average, is approximately 11 feet. Anglers can expect to find rainbow trout and largemouth bass throughout the year. This is a fishing-only lake. The lake is on the smaller side, but it offers beautiful views and a fun family atmosphere for you and your families!

    Why Should You Choose Letitia Lake?

    Letitia Lake is a beautiful lake in the suburbs of Denver, Colorado. The lake is one of the smaller ones in Larimer County, but it offers a warm and inviting environment for everyone in the community.