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      About Hyatt Lake
      About Hyatt Lake

      Located in Jefferson County, Colorado, Hyatt Lake is 69 acres of beautiful waters surrounded by breathtaking scenery. There is lots to do in and around Hyatt Lake but if you are looking to see the big cities, Denver Colorado is only 20 minutes away.

      Lake Life

      Hyatt Lake is a great place for boating, swimming, tubing, and just relaxing. There are no lake-specific restrictions for Hyatt Lake but it is recommended that you check for changes frequently. The state of Colorado is a mandatory boat inspection state and requires that all watercraft must be inspected by a state-certified official. There are no wake zones within 100 feet of any shoreline. Fishing is very popular on Hyatt Lake, the most common fish include Largemouth Bass, Rainbow Trout, and Black Crappie. Some Colorado counties have strict fishing guidelines so make sure to check up on the local fishing rules.

      Things To Do

      Hyatt Lake is full of fun on the water but there are also loads of activities within driving distance from Hyatt Lake. If you are looking for underwater sights that you do not typically see on the lake then head 20 minutes down the road. Downtown Aquarium is in the heart of Denver and boasts an amazing 500 species to explore. The thing that makes this attraction so special is the restaurant and lounge completely surrounded by fish tanks that serve 5-star worthy meals without ever leaving the bubbly atmosphere. If you are looking for a furry experience on dry land then you only have to go 25 minutes from Wyatt Lake. The Denver Zoo includes miles of up close and personal experiences with the cutest and tallest of animals. The zoo also has many shows and demonstrations to show exactly what all these magnificent animals are capable of. So, if you want to get away from the water and interact with the wildlife look no further than the Denver Zoo. Food really is the cherry on top of a beautiful day on the lake. There are over 15 restaurants within 10 minutes of Hyatt Lake making this lake the place to be for good eats. One popular restaurant for the residents of Hyatt Lake is no other than Blazing Bird. Blazing Bird brings the Tennessee heat to the Colorado streets with its famous Nashville Hot Chicken. The deliciousness is only 5 minutes down the road making it an amazing choice for those quick bites.

      Hospitals and Airports

      Lutheran Medical Center is 15 minutes from Hyatt Lake and is open 24 hours a day. This hospital is known for its amazing bedside manner with a cozy home feel. Denver International Airport is 36 minutes from Hyatt Lake and offers flights both internationally and domestically.

      Life of Hyatt Lake

      Hyatt Lake is the perfect place to call home with a warm community feeling but all of the adventure you could imagine.