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Carver County has become a popular place to find newer residential developments that aren't too far from the main city. Attractively developed, the areas of Chanhassen, Chaska and Victoria offer reasonably priced upper-scale neighborhoods where those who want to build their own home have an array of options.

Because the Twin Cities has grown out to meet them, these communities still retain their core downtown areas, unlike closer-in suburbs that developed out of empty acreage. But even though the unique shops and local businesses hold their own, the larger box stores have found their way into most of these communities so that you don't have to travel miles for your basic needs.

Carver County is where the lakes start getting bigger - and more plentiful - as you travel west from Minneapolis. To live on Lotus Lake or Lake Minnewashta, you will need a good income, or at least a few extra dollars in the bank. But as you move a bit further west you will see some lakeshore prices begin to decrease, even in just a few miles.

Lake Waconia, and the community of the same name, will be found just down the road. It is one of those areas that people visualize when they think of lakeside towns, with their downtown businesses starring out at this magnificent 3,000 acre basin. It's a sailing paradise like maybe no other in the Twin Cities vicinity.

To the east even a few miles further are the towns of Mayer, Young America and Watertown, which are still largely unaffected by their proximity to the big city. It can be an hour drive to downtown Minneapolis from here, especially on busy mornings, so these are great places to live if you like small town life close to the city, and when your work schedule or destination is flexible.

To find out more about lakeshore properties and other homes for sale in Carver County, just contact one of our local real estate experts.


  • Benton
  • Carver
  • Chanhassen
  • Chaska
  • Cologne
  • East Union
  • Hamburg
  • Maple
  • Mayer
  • Norwood
  • Victoria
  • Watertown
  • Young America


  • Assumption Lake
  • Aue Lake
  • Barlous Lake
  • Barnes Lake
  • Bavaria Lake
  • Brand Lake
  • Braunworth Lake
  • Buck Lake
  • Burandt Lake
  • Carl Krey Lake
  • Chaska Lake
  • Crow River
  • Donders Lake
  • Eagle Lake
  • Goose Lake
  • Graystock Lake
  • Hazeltine Lake
  • Hydes Lake
  • Lake Ann
  • Lake Auburn
  • Lake Lucy
  • Lake Minnewashta
  • Lake Patterson
  • Lake Riley
  • Lake Susan
  • Lake Virginia
  • Lake Waconia
  • Lake Zumbra
  • Lansten Lake
  • Lippert Lake
  • Lotus Lake
  • Maria Lake
  • Marsh Lake
  • Meuwissen Lake
  • Miller Lake
  • Minnesota River
  • Mud Lake
  • Myers Lake
  • Oak Lake
  • Parley Lake
  • Piersons Lake
  • Reitz Lake
  • Rice Lake
  • Rutz Lake
  • Schutz Lake
  • Scott Lake
  • Smith Lake
  • Stieger Lake
  • Stone Lake
  • Sunny Lake
  • Swan Lake
  • Swede Lake
  • Tiger Lake
  • Turbid Lake
  • Wassermann Lake
  • Young America Lake

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