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White Oak Lake


White Oak Lake, Arkansas

White Oak Lake real estate is considered a tight inventory market for lake homes and lake lots in Arkansas.

White Oak Lake homes for sale have an average list price of $274,000, with many great homes at higher and lower prices.

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About White Oak Lake
Bluff City, Arkansas

White Oak Lake rests in the southeastern part of Bluff City, Arkansas. Texarkana and Hot Springs are around 80 miles away, and Little Rock is under 125 miles away.

The nearest hospital, Camden Hospital, is 19.3 miles away, and the Hope Municipal Airport is 45.4 miles away, allowing for access to care and travel.

Residents can shop at Garden Oaks Shopping Center and sample local restaurants such as R&R Barbque and Catherine’s Bistro.

Expansive Views

White Oak Lake spans 2,667 acres, which means that it is a very large lake with many amenities. The lake offers many activities such as boating, fishing, and canoeing, but swimming is not allowed.

White Oak Lake is conveniently located near White Oak State Park, which allows residents access to trails, camping, and more.

Explore White Oak lake State Park

White Oak Lake State Park has many things for residents to do. Visitors to this park can enjoy winding trails, family events, and bicycle rentals. This park also has canoe rentals and is known for its helpful visitor center staff.

Discover Texarkana

White Oak Lake is around an hour and a half from Texarkana, which features many things to do.

One such thing is the Discovery Place Children’s Museum. Here, visitors can enjoy many different, interactive, and themed activities.

Another popular spot is the Perot Theatre, a classic, restored theatre where visitors can tour, catch shows, and reclaim the golden age of theatre.

Delve into Nature

Those looking for a life surrounded by nature will love calling White Oak Lake home.