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Mays Lake


Mays Lake, Arkansas

Located in Arkansas, Mays Lake real estate is a tight inventory market in the state for lake homes and lake lots.

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    About Mays Lake
    Lafayette County, Arkansas

    Mays Lake is a 197-acre private lake on a farm in rural Lafayette Country, Arkansas. Lewisville is around 10 miles away, and Texarkana is 31.2 miles away.

    There is a hospital 20 minutes away in Lewisville, and The Texarkana Regional Airport is 45 minutes away. There are local grocery stores within 20 minutes from the lake, and the nearby schools are under the Lafayette County School District.

    The Red River

    The nearby Red River is an angler’s paradise! It has excellent bass fishing and has been home to the world championship for the Bassmaster Classic twice. The river, interestingly enough, is saltwater, due to salt deposits left behind from a prehistoric sea.

    An Agrarian Getaway

    If you desire a seclusive rural retreat from the burden of urban and suburban living, you may want to look into Mays Lake! It just might be the location of your new lake home!