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    About Black Lake
    Small Lake, Big Possibilities

    Black Lake is not known for its size, but for what it provides to its guests and residents. Located approximately four miles southwest of Olympia, Black Lake is close enough to be a part of society but far enough away to maintain privacy.

    Opportunities for homes are present on all sides of the lake.

    Access to the airport is easy and close by. The Olympia Regional Airport is a short drive east of the lake.

    Go to the Park

    Columbus Park, located on the outskirts of West Olympia, provides Black Lake residents and guests with various activities for people of all ages. With easy access from Black Lake, individuals can get their daily fill of the outdoors without leaving the lake.

    Activities and amenities include a boat ramp, access to a stream, a playground for children, picnic areas, and a volleyball pit.

    Fishing is popular at the park and on Black Lake. Access to the shoreline is available but is made more challenging by the weedy layout surrounding much of the lake. Common fish caught on the lake include rainbow trout, yellow perch, and catfish. Fishing season is year-round for lake visitors.

    Prime Location

    Since the like is near a city, parks, and an airport, the lake is near other large water bodies to the north and mountains to the north and the west. The Eld and Budd Inlets are a short drive from the lake for those who want more water access.

    The presence of nearby mountains and the distance of being a few miles outside of town give Black Lake a peaceful and secluded setting. Taking in nature and meditating are both possible at this lake.