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Julie Schumacher

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Julie grew up in International Falls, spending many days each summer at her grandparent's cabin on Rainy Lake. There was something very special about growing up in "the Falls". After graduating from the College of St. Scholastica in Duluth, Julie set off for the Twin Cities to experience life in the metro area as a young professional. She had a successful career in the "corporate world", before deciding that it might be more satisfying to run her own business, rather than work for someone else.


Julie's high school friend, Dan Anderson provided the answer. Julie obtained her real estate license in 1991, and spent the next six years working along-side Dan and his wife, Sandy, at Edina Realty. It was a fun and rewarding time as they developed and grew their respective real estate businesses. By focusing on the needs of her clients throughout the home-buying & selling process, Julie built a loyal and satisfied client base. She also watched Dan & Sandy's success as they began to specialize in lake properties, eventually launching While at Edina Realty, Julie received the "Dozen" National sales award in 1995, 1996 & 1997, placing her in the top 5% of residential real estate agents in the nation. In 1997, the call of Rainy Lake and the pull of family beckoned her back to International Falls, where she has had the opportunity to work, live and play in the community she calls "home" once again.


Since being back in "the Falls", Julie has held positions in non-profit program planning & administration, and later in professional training & development at Rainy River Community College and Boise, Inc. Julie also served on the International Falls Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, and participated in the Blandin Community Leadership Program (BCLP) in 2000.


At this time in life, she is happy to have come full circle, working once again to help buyers and sellers achieve their real estate goals... coaching and advising them throughout the process. As one former client wrote: "You are professional, knowledgeable, thorough, efficient, considerate and kind. What else could anyone want in a Realtor?"


When Julie isn't helping buyers and sellers, you might find her doing yoga, going for walks, gardening, cooking, entertaining, and just enjoying Rainy Lake with family and friends.


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Julie  Schumacher

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About Rainy Lake / Rainy River Area

Far North Minnesota


Northern Minnesota is an incredibly scenic region, especially around the Rainy River and Rainy Lake. The waters lie on the Minnesota-Canada border and are part of Voyageurs National Park.

International Falls is along the Rainy River, where you will find restaurants, hotels, stores, Falls Memorial Hospital, and International Falls Airport.

The city is known as the “Icebox of the Nation” because its winter temperatures are consistently the lowest in the joined 48 states.


Vast Expanse of Water


The Rainy River is a beautiful, pristine waterway that travels 85 miles along the US-Canada border. The natural environment flourishes with wildlife, so a boating or fishing trip will be exciting.

Spanning 228,000 acres, Rainy Lake is naturally an attraction for water sports of all kinds. The lake is filled with over 2,000 islands that feature sandy beaches and rocky overhangs.

There are many secluded spots around the lake where you will have complete privacy. You can venture south along Rat Root River to Rat Root Lake for more quiet boating.


Voyagers State Park and Its Activities


Voyageurs National Park is the perfect destination for any adventurer or nature-lover--many residents of the lake are lucky enough to have it in their backyard.

The park spans 218,000 acres and offers 27 miles of trails. While hiking the forest, you can find hidden waterfalls and ancient rock formations.

It is one of the best places in the United States for viewing the northern lights. Sit by the lake to see the wavering colors reflect across the water.


Winter Fun


When the lakes freeze over, crews of snowmobilers get together to travel the area. Along with the lakes, Voyageurs offers 110 miles of snowmobiling trails.

Anglers can rent ice houses to fish atop the ice with comfort. In the woods, you might spot an owl, moose tracks, or slides made by an otter.


A Peaceful Retreat


The lakes, rivers, and forests of Northern Minnesota exude an intrinsic peacefulness that you will not find anywhere else.