Western Mille Lacs Lake Area, Minnesota

About the Area

As you travel about an hour and a half north on Highway 169 from Minneapolis, and through the town of Onamia, you will have to make a fairly quick decision as to which side of Mille Lacs Lake you are heading to. The walleyes can most likely be found throughout this expansive basin on any given day, but the east and west sides have a bit different character.

Although this is typically not a lake of opulence, instead holding to its traditional fishing cabin roots, you will be awestruck at the size of the casino on its western shore. There is no doubt that this is a popular draw to those who enjoy gambling, as well as good food and frequent entertainment, evident by the increased traffic that travels along this stretch of road. Even those who don't come to the casino entirely for its offerings often stop by while they are on a fishing trip to the area.

The main port on the western edge of the lake is Garrison. A busy pit-stop for area anglers, its businesses have well-oiled revolving doors to get the fishermen what they need quickly so that they can get on the water…or to get their appetites and thirsts quenched after a long day in the boat. However, it is also a crossroads for traffic heading west to Brainerd, and north to Crosby, Aitkin or Grand Rapids, so most of the businesses here attract additional clientele that is just passing through.

Because there are more shopping opportunities on this side of the lake, with its proximity of about 15-20 miles to the Brainerd Lakes Area and other reasonably large communities, some people are more attracted to the western shore for the activities. But because others like the more peaceful atmosphere and the amazing sunsets on the east side, you will find year-round lake homes, lakefront cabins, and resort accommodations all around the shoreline of Mille Lacs Lake. Many retirees have made the lake their full-time home after leaving long careers of harried lifestyles in cities far away.

The western shore also has a wide array of smaller lakes within blocks to several miles of the water's edge. High quality - and reasonably large - lakes such as Sullivan Lake, Big Pine Lake, Round Lake and others, make for great waterfront real estate settings close to the big water of Mille Lacs. There is no shortage of lakefront properties around this entire lake area, so find out more about them from our area real estate specialists.


  • Cutler
  • Garrison
  • Hillman
  • Nichols
  • Onamia
  • Pine Center
  • Sullivan
  • Vineland


  • Barbour Lake
  • Big Pine Lake
  • Birch Lake
  • Black Bass Lake
  • Borden Lake
  • Bulldog Lake
  • Camp Lake
  • Chrysler Lake
  • Erskine Lake
  • Esden Lake
  • Grave Lake
  • Holt Lake
  • Island Lake
  • Jack Pine Lake
  • Kenney Lake
  • Lake Onamia
  • Long Lake
  • Miller Lake
  • Ogechie Lake
  • Partridge Lake
  • Peavy Lake
  • Platte Lake
  • Rice Lake
  • Rock Lake
  • Round Lake
  • Rum River
  • Scott Lake
  • Shakopee Lake
  • Smith Lake
  • Sullivan Lake
  • Turtle Lake
  • Twelve Lake
  • Twentytwo Lake
  • Western Mille Lacs Lake
  • Whitefish Lake
  • Wilson Lake

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