Eastern Mille Lacs Lake Area, Minnesota

About the Area

Mille Lacs Lake is one of Minnesota's favorite walleye fisheries. Situated near the center of the state, it is convenient for Twin Cities residents to make the weekend journey and be at their lake cabin in just a couple of hours.

But because Mille Lacs has such a reputation as a great fishing lake, the area is also a popular destination for both cabin rentals and summer lake homes for people from all over Minnesota - as well as from Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, and many other surrounding states. This steady influx of vacationers keeps the resorts and restaurants around the lake hopping most of the summer, and ice fishing season in the winter can be almost as busy when the lunkers are biting. Waterfront real estate is available nearly all the way around the lake, with a mixture of seasonal dwellings and year-round homes, and it is generally quite affordable compared to neighboring lakeshore markets.

With 132,000 acres of surface area, Mille Lacs is more like an ocean than a lake. At fourteen miles across and about 18 miles north to south, it is difficult to see land in all directions no matter where you are. Because the lake is generally less than 40 feet deep, there are many flats and shelves to find fish on throughout the lake, but windy days can make it nearly impossible to even get on the water unless you are heading out on one of the local launches.

The eastern half of the lake has several small communities that border it. Wahkon and Isle can be found in the southeast corner, where you will come across a variety of service businesses and shops. Along the eastern shore of the lake there are quite a few operating resorts, where you can find a variety of accommodations from campgrounds and small cabins to townhouse rentals. On the northeast corner before the lake takes a sharp turn to the west is the town of Malmo, housing a few necessity businesses like gas stations, restaurants and a liquor store to keep everyone happy.

If you head a few miles past the north end of Mille Lacs Lake on Highway 47, the trees begin to close in on you before the town of Glen. It is a quiet little hideaway, feeling further removed than it is from the big lake. But you will find a few more desirable smaller lakes here, such as Sugar Lake and Clear Lake, for those who like to be near the big water but not necessarily right on it.

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  • Bayview
  • Cove
  • Glen
  • Isle
  • Malmo
  • McGrath
  • Pliny
  • Wahkon
  • Wealthwood
  • Woodland


  • Anderson Lake
  • Bear Lake
  • Cedar Lake
  • Clear Lake
  • Eastern Mille Lacs Lake
  • Sugar Lake
  • Swamp Lake
  • Twenty Lake

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