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With deep ties to the area, Linda Sherwood has experience selling a wide range of real estate for your vacation and full time home or property that is so common in the Houghton and Higgins lake area. She understands the differences and advantages between the lakes, helping clients figure out which is right for them.


Before starting her real estate career in 2014, Linda worked as a college professor. Since then, she has won the 2020 Realtor of the year for MLS, served numerous years on her real estate board including serving as president, and won multiple Quality Service awards as a testament to her hard work and dedication to her clients. She truly enjoys helping people find a place that lets them live where they love.


When Linda is not tirelessly working for her clients, she can be found with her family and friends frequently doing DIY projects, boating or gardening.


Linda Listens. When you work with her, she promises to answer your phone calls, texts and emails promptly and with professionalism. If you are looking to buy or sell a lake home property in the Houghton Lake or Higgins Lake areas of Michigan, make Linda Sherwood your lake expert agent today!


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About Houghton Lake

Michigan's Largest Inland Lake

Houghton Lake is located between US-127 and Interstate 75 in the northern peninsula of Michigan. It is less than three hours from Detroit and is the one of the largest natural lakes in the U.S.

Houghton Lake is 4.5 miles wide and 7.5 miles long. The lake has approximately 32 miles of shoreline and a lake-area population of about 11,000 people. Houghton Lake is named for the state's first geologist, Douglass Houghton, who explored the area around 1832 to 1837.

The Cut River brings water from Higgins Lake, to the north of Houghton Lake, and is the lake's primary inflow. Houghton Lake is Michigan's largest inland lake. Its surface area is 20,044 acres and it is the source of the Muskegon River, a river which eventually flows into Lake Michigan.


Warm Waters In the Summer, Frozen Over for In the Winter

The State of Michigan sets the legal water levels for Houghton Lake, and the Roscommon County Commission is responsible for regulating Houghton Lake levels through a series of dams. Water levels are typically six inches to a foot lower in winter in order for there to be room for winter snow melt in the spring.

Houghton Lake is a shallow, marshy lake with a sandy bottom. Even though it is large in size, this lake only averages 8 feet in depth, with its deepest point being 22 feet located in the East Bay of the lake.The because of the lake's shallow depth, it becomes warm in the summer and freezes over during the winter months.


Historic Villages Surrounded By Beautiful Scenery

Three towns border the lake, Houghton Lake and Houghton Lake Heights to the southwest, and Prudenville to the southeast. A historic village in Prudenville includes a historic schoolroom built in 1876, a 19th-century pioneer village, a museum, playhouse and wooded nature area.

The Houghton Lake Flats lay on the west edge of the lake and are 670 acres of marshy wetlands that were once connected to the lake. It is prime wildlife area and there is an observation deck located on Old US-27 where nature lovers can view osprey and heron.


Fun on the Lake Every Season

Houghton Lake supports many various water sports in all seasons and the lake is so large it never gets crowded. In the summertime, popular activities include boating, jet skiing, hiking, camping, golfing, and canoeing. Winter activities include snowmobiling, cross country skiing, hunting, and snowshoeing.

Fishing is one of Houghton Lake's most popular pastimes. The lake is considered to be one of the most popular fisheries in Michigan and has species of bass, black bass, crappie, grayling, largemouth bass, Northern pike, perch, pike, walleye, and yellow perch for anglers to catch. In the winter, ice fishing is a huge sport on the lake.

Houghton Lake hosts the 7th largest winter festival in the U.S. the last two weekends every January. The festival began in 1951 and is called Tip-Up Town USA. The name of the festival coming from the flag-like devices, or the "tip-ups", used for ice fishing contests, which are a major part of the festival.

Besides fishing, the festival hosts several winter sports and games, a parade, mock elections for Mayors, Marshalls and Queens, fireworks, a hidden medallion to be found with different clues given each day, and grand prize drawings.