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Clustered in the east central portion of Aitkin County are several well-known water bodies to weekenders from the Minneapolis and St. Paul areas who want to be at their “up north” cabin in about two hours. This is the McGregor Area, and you will find it straight north of the metro area on Highway 65. Even though this north-south artery can be somewhat clogged up as you leave The Cities, traffic dwindles down to an intermittent truck or tractor once you get a few miles past Mora.

Big Sandy Lake is a recognized name in the big lake book. At 6,500 acres by itself - and over 10,000 acres combined with other connecting lakes and rivers - it is a productive fishery, and its islands, outcroppings, and meandering bays create an interesting waterscape for joy riders and anglers looking for undiscovered hot spots. It also holds the highest lakeshore real estate prices in the area because of its size and beauty, but it is quite affordable compared to some of the lake areas further south and west of here.

Just to its south a mile or two is Lake Minnewawa. Also somewhat of a destination lake because of its 2,500 acres of water, you will find a large offering of cabins set among the pines along its shoreline. Most of the waterfront properties are fairly level, giving easy access to the lake for those who don't like climbing up and down hills. Lake Minnewawa and Big Sandy each have restaurants and bars on the water that give boaters a place to stop off - and a reason to go out on the water in the first place.

Round Lake is a glimmering water body a couple miles east of Minnewawa. A perfect lake for families with young children who prefer a cabin with level shoreline and a nice beach, it has an excellent supply of sandy shoreline for great swimming. And with over 500 acres and twenty foot water clarity, there is plenty of room for skiing and tubing across its clear waters.

But the McGregor Area is also rich with riverfront properties. The Big Sandy River is to the south and borders the impressive Minnesota National Golf Course. Here you can find a wide variety of townhomes and individual residences at Settler's Ridge, a 600 acre recreational expanse surrounding this championship course. Flowing past the big lake on its west is the Mississippi River, winding through other neighboring towns of Jacobson, Ball Bluff and Palisade on its way to New Orleans.

Any direction you travel from this tight assemblage of core area lakes you will find a heavily rural makeup of farms and dense woods. The Savanna State Forest and Savanna State Park also surround the lakes to provide greater access to trails, camping and other area recreation. Contact us or any of our local real estate experts for more information on McGregor and the Big Sandy Lake Area.


  • Ball Bluff
  • Balsam
  • East Lake
  • Grayling
  • Jacobson
  • Lawler
  • McGregor
  • Minnewawa
  • Palisade
  • Sheshabee
  • Tamarack


  • Aitkin Lake
  • Anderson Lake
  • Ball Bluff Lake
  • Bass Lake
  • Big Sandy Lake
  • Brown Lake
  • Clear Lake
  • Cutaway Lake
  • Davis Lake
  • Dutch Lake
  • Fleming Lake
  • Flowage Lake
  • French Lake
  • Glacier Lake
  • Gun Lake
  • Horseshoe Lake
  • Island Lake
  • Kelly Lake
  • Lake Minnewawa
  • Libby Lake
  • Little Ball Bluff Lake
  • Mandy Lake
  • Portage Lake
  • Rat House Lake
  • Rat Lake
  • Red Lake
  • Remote Lake
  • Rice Lake
  • Round Lake
  • Sanders Lake
  • Sandy River
  • Savanna Lake
  • Sheriff Lake
  • Shumway Lake
  • Starvation Lake
  • Steamboat Lake
  • Stony Lake
  • Tiesen Lake
  • Town Line Lake
  • Townline Lake
  • Turner Lake
  • Vanduse Lake
  • Wilkins Lake
  • Wolf Lake

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