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Lake Vermilion is one of Minnesota's most beautiful lakes, with over 1,200 miles of shoreline. This is a place where you can find true Northern Minnesota lakefront real estate - from rustic cabins to extravagant log homes - set among the towering pines. Although the shoreline is generally bedrock based, there are sand beaches available on some of the most prime waterfront parcels. And deep water docking is easy to find, which makes for great water-skiing and fishing right from your dock.

This is a place where it's pretty much your own fault if you don't have a good time. Whether you enjoy endless boating, top notch golf, resort hopping, incredible fishing or just relaxing in the midst of this magnificent scenery, Lake Vermilion will give you all you can take. So those who own lake cabins and homes here really do get there money's worth!

Once dotted with quaint cabins, old boathouses and family resorts from Cook to Tower, the Lake Vermilion real estate landscape has been changing to larger lake homes for some time now. Many people who once owned small cabins here have turned those into year-round homes, and service businesses in the area have grown to accommodate the needs of those new residents. The lake has also benefited from the popularity of Ely and the Boundary Waters Canoe Area just up the road, making lakefront properties in this part of Minnesota very attractive to people from across the United States.

Fortune Bay Casino has also been a huge draw to the area, and caters to those who want to fish, swim, ski and golf by day, and have ongoing entertainment throughout the evening. Along with this first class facility, lakeshore owners have plenty of pit-stops on the water, with resorts still dotting the shoreline that can serve up a quick burger and refreshing drink on a relaxing lakeside deck.

Along with the wide variety of lakeshore real estate available on Lake Vermilion, there are also many other types of recreational properties in the area, from large hunting acreage to riverfront and stream settings. Tower and Cook each have their own downtowns, so groceries, gas and necessities are readily available.

Lake Vermilion is one of those lakes where it really pays to have a real estate expert to give you the best information possible, because of its size and varied property values. Please contact us or any of our local real estate specialists, who can help you get started in the process of finding your perfect lake place here.


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