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Lake Pepin is a naturally formed lake, about 21 miles long and three miles wide, which has a rich history in Minnesota's early days. It was also where Ralph Samuelson invented water-skiing in 1922, and is well known for that distinction. But Lake Pepin - and the river towns in both directions from it - are now highly sought after locations for all types of recreation, and gorgeous waterfront homes bask in the incredible scenery of bluffs and beaches along this tantalizing waterway.

Lake City is the largest community on the lake. Here you will find marinas and restaurants to service the constant stream of traffic…both on the water and off. Set near the middle of the lake, the town has a wonderful vantage point to take in the hundreds of sailboats and cruisers that populate the waters on a daily basis during the warmer seasons. There is a wide variety of real estate around the town, from modest homes near the water, to elegant lakefront estates.

Just up the river from Lake Pepin is Red Wing. It has a magnificent and historical downtown, where day shopping trips from Twin Cities residents are quite popular. Home to Red Wing shoes and other longstanding businesses, the surroundings of the area take you back in time. Extraordinary hiking, biking and sightseeing is everywhere along this riverfront corridor, and Red Wing businesses can help guide you to some of the best scenery of the region.

Downstream from Lake City is Wabasha, which touts its debut in 1830 to make it the oldest town in Minnesota. Its residents are proud of the community's river town heritage, and they do their best to retain that atmosphere. They are also proud of Slippery's Bar & Grill, and the Grumpy Old Men movies that helped give the watering hole its notoriety.

If you are looking for one of the most incredible places to own a waterfront home or getaway within an hour of Minneapolis and St. Paul, you might check out Lake Pepin and the Mississippi River towns around it. There are also several other riverfront towns on the Wisconsin side of the river. Just contact us our one of our local real estate experts to get more information about real estate values and available properties from Red Wing to Wabasha.


  • Belvidere Mills
  • Central Point
  • Conception
  • Dumfries
  • Eggleston
  • Frontenac
  • Frontenac Station
  • Harliss
  • Haycreek
  • Kellogg
  • Lake City
  • Maple Springs
  • Midland Junction
  • Millville
  • Minneiska
  • North Red Wing
  • Pucketville
  • Red Wing
  • Reeds Landing
  • Stroms
  • Theilman
  • Wabasha
  • Wacouta
  • Wacouta Beach
  • Weaver
  • West Albany
  • West Newton


  • Birch Lake
  • Brewer Lake
  • Cannon Lake
  • Cannon River
  • Clear Lake
  • Cross Lake
  • Devils Lake
  • Espen Lakes
  • Goose Lake
  • Lake Pepin
  • Larson Lake
  • Maloney Lake
  • Mississippi River
  • Mud Lake
  • Nelson Lake
  • North Lake
  • Peterson Lake
  • Rattling Springs Lake
  • Robinson Lake
  • Spring Banks Lake
  • Sturgeon Lake
  • Twin Lakes
  • Upper Clear Lake
  • Wildcat Lake
  • Zumbro River

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