7 Reasons People Love Lake Living

There are two kinds of people: one that wants to live on a lake and the second is those who do. If you are wondering why lake living¬†is so wonderful, then keep on reading. By the end of this list, you’ll wish your home was located next to a lake too.

1. Lake Fun

Lake Fun: Swimming

You will never run out of things to do! Lake living has its perks, and water activities are definitely on the top of the list. The lake will provide you with an avenue to have fun or to entertain the best events throughout the year. Here are just some of the activities you can do when owning a lake property:

  • Swimming
  • Kayaking
  • Sailing
  • Fishing
  • Boating

2. Relaxation

Woman relaxing on boat enjoying the view

There are studies that support the claim that water provides relaxation. Of course, it is quite obvious that it does. Remember those days when you visited the lake, all those comforting feelings and how you felt so happy?

The lake can provide this on a daily basis when you actually live on the lake. After a long day’s work, coming home to see the peaceful and serene visuals the lake offers instantly relaxes the homeowner. Imagine sitting on the patio and just soaking in the sun peering at peacefulness.

3. Privacy

Lake house surrounded by trees for privacy
Photo courtesy of Birmingham Home and Garden.

Homes that are located on lots by the lake are typically more isolated from the public. If you are further from or have greenery blocking your neighbors; this means that you have more privacy.

You also have matured trees and nature surrounding your home that acts as a natural privacy “fence” that offers shielding from roads, neighbors, and people passing by.

4. Traffic

Autumnal road with colorful trees

Traffic can be annoying, especially when you live on a busy road or near a highway.

The traffic noises are intrusive and if you have animals or children, it can be quite dangerous. Say goodbye to all those semi-trucks, construction vehicles, and public buses.

5. Wildlife

Duck with baby ducklings following

All life needs water to sustain themselves. You live on a lake, so all of those beautiful and majestic animals share in your home.

You will see geese, ducks, deer, and so many other creatures of the wild.

6. Entertaining

Fourth of July at the lake party

You can host cookouts, birthday parties, annual summer parties, and so much more at your lake house.

You can even throw a bonfire party when the seasons begin to change that involves an overnight get-together where your guests can swim, fish, and roast marshmallows.

7. Community

Community of lake homeowners paddleboarding together

In this area, people tend to build very strong bonds with each other. You have a common bond: the love for the outdoors. It is extremely easy to get to know your neighbors when you spend time on your dock. You will pass by each other on your boats or go paddleboarding together. It is not like a typical neighborhood where you will just wave to each other whenever you get your mail.

Living on the lake is an amazing lifestyle. It is not just a home location. You will love your community and everything a lake has to offer. Choosing to live on a lake is a choice that is easy to make, and there are lakes to fit every desired lifestyle. If you think living on a lake may be the right choice for you, take a look at our homes for sale across the nation.

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  1. I appreciate how you said that homes near a lake or waterfront typically have less noises that typically are heard every day in busy neighborhoods, allowing for peace and serenity. My aunt is looking to retire and wants to find a home that will allow her to be close to her community while still feeling like she has the peace and quiet she needs. I’m sure she’d really benefit from checking out some waterfront homes for sale in her area to help her get just the property she needs to relax and feel closer to nature. Thanks for the information!

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