Tiny Home Living, Is it For You?

One of the latest ways of alternative living is residing in a tiny home. This movement has started a few short years ago and does not seem to be slowing down.

tiny home living at the lakeIt doesn’t seem like a fad, but a popular alternative way of life. Thousands of people are opting for a mortgage free life to ease the pain of the current economy.

Why are tiny houses so popular?

Can you imagine living free of rent, with no mortgage, and tiny utility bills? Those who seek out tiny houses are searching for just that. They offer a way to live limited monthly bills.

Economic and the environmental changes can force us to re-evaluate our way of life. As it turns out, there are many people who have opted for this cheap way of life in order to sustain their family or themselves.

What are tiny homes?

Tiny homes offer a simple way of life with a beautiful small home, yet has everything that you need to live. Traditionally, these small homes are measured to be around 8 X 16 feet. They normally contain a sleeping loft, living area, a bathroom, and a kitchen.

They can be constructed to fit a trailer so that they are able to be moved very easily. They offer individuals the chance at homeownership without having to purchase large lots of land for them to reside on. For some, tiny living allows them to live off the grid, since the tiny homes are able to generate their own electricity, as well as water.

Some aspects of living in a tiny home are very different than a normal home. Storage is very limited and belongings are restricted to almost the bare minimum.

How do you purchase a tiny home?

There are different companies that will offer you custom built tiny homes or you can build your own with typical construction materials or with a kit.

There are other companies that offer you a shell, which comes ready to travel on the trailer, with a roof, windows, and the door. You are responsible for building the inside how you would like it.

Where can you park your tiny home?

Parking will ultimately be dependent on how your home is registered. Most tiny homes are registered as RVs. This means that you can park your tiny home on RV lots and other places that are RV friendly.

However, there are some tiny homes that are classified as a mobile home. In this case you will be able to park your tiny home wherever mobile homes are welcome.

Tiny homes can be a perfect fit for someone who wants to spend all their time at the lake out on the lake. They provide a place to clean up, sleep and eat to recharge then head back out on the water.

Tiny homes may not be for everyone, but it doesn’t look like this movement is going anywhere anytime soon!


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