When Should You Spend Money On Your Vacation Home?

The amount of renovation you put into your vacation home really depends on your current financial status and as well as on your desires. A home cannot be thoroughly enjoyed as a vacation home if it doesn’t meet certain standards, yet your financial priorities may still lie with your place of residence.

In this article we will discuss about renovation tips for your vacation house and how much is renovation is enough to do the job without ruining finances.

Before deciding to renovate vocational house, you must ask yourself several questions like:

  • How much money do I have?
  • How much money do I plan to spend in renovating vacation house?
  • How much time will I spend in vacation house during one year?
  • Is the house damaged? Does in need to be repaired?
  • Is renovating the home a priority?

After asking yourself these questions, you then must decide if renovation is a choice or necessity and what are the areas of the house where you will renovate if you chose to do so.


You or your guests will most likely spend at least seven hours per day in the bedroom, probably more. It is one of the things that can turn off anyone who wants to stay for vacation, depending on whether it is well decorated or not maintained properly.

The bed should be big and contain white pillow, sheets, and comforter. Useful accessories such as a clock, paintings, and a mirror would make the room more beautiful and attractive. Obviously, if there are bugs, insects, or holes, you must renovate the bedroom because otherwise it would be a nightmare rather than a vacation house.


Although it may serve as a vacation house, the kitchen still plays a very important role in making the vacation a better experience. In case the kitchen is old or there are numerous aging or damaged cabinets, consider renovating the kitchen.

Roof, foundation, sidings, and windows

Protect your house for the future from collapsing by properly maintaining and repairing it when needed so it remains dry. Below are some steps you should take to fix these issues:

  • Secure the foundation. If damaged, definitely replace it.
  • Make repairs to damaged walls and beams, especially load bearing.
  • Always repair leaks in the roof immediately.
  • Replace damaged windows. This can help with energy bills, insects, and over all presentation.
  • If siding is damaged enough to allow water infiltration, repair or replace it.

Other renovations you might consider include:

  • Insulation- Depending on the area where the house is located this might or might not be a necessity.
  • Flooring- Installing flooring during renovation will most likely prevent floor surface from damage.
  • Air Conditioning and Heating- For some people this is a luxury, for others a necessity. Depending on what your choice is, A/C and heating is something to be considered while renovation is taking place.
  • Demolition- Worst case scenario: an area is so damaged it is unrepairable. Demolition will clear the area and make up space for new and renovated house to be built.

After taking into consideration the amount of money you want to spend in the house and which part of the house you want to renovate, it is time you get going and make it a reality.

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