Latest in Lake Homes Security Systems: 2020

If you’re worried about home security, it’s with good reason. According to FBI data from 2018, a burglary occurs about every 30 seconds in the country. Especially if your lake house is a second home, you have less oversight than a residential home. That’s certainly more anxiety-provoking. That anxiety means good home security systems are paramount. 

Thankfully for lake homeowners, we’ve come a long way from the expensive installation systems of yore. Now, most systems are DIY and inexpensive to install. Plus, thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI), we have a lot of new technology to help along the way. Let’s discuss some of the latest advances in home security systems technology!

All-in-One Security Systems 

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Usually, each component of a home security system needs to be installed separately. For example, you’d purchase a keyless entry system from one company, while your video recognition device is an entirely different brand. Like Lockly Vision and Adobe, many companies are combining these elements of home security into one product.

For instance, Lockly has created a smart lock with a built-in video doorbell so that the two systems can better communicate with each other. So, instead of investing in two different products, research whether there’s an all-in-one version for your lake house. 

Home Security Speakers

Honeywell Smart Home Security System –

Speakers are not just for blasting music on the boat dock. One of the newest home security products is a small cylindrical device that doubles as a speaker and a home security system. 

Honeywell is one brand that carries this product. Equipped with a night vision camera, a microphone, and facial recognition, it’s designed to trip the alarm if a stranger is on your lake house property. It also comes with a pair of door and window sensors for increased security. Although this product is not a professional level device, it’s perfect if your property does not need high-end monitoring, but you’d still like to sleep soundly knowing your lake home is protected. 

Contact-Free Professional Monitoring

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Especially at a second home, only having an alarm system is not enough to protect your property. It’s also necessary to monitor your security systems from far away. With a monitoring system, homeowners or trusted friends are alerted of potential robberies, smoke, or carbon monoxide. With fast alerts, you can quickly call for emergency services if needed. 

One of the latest advances is a contact-free, professional monitoring device. This way, you don’t need to be near your home to monitor it. Plus, as a New York Times recommended professional system, there’s even more security, and the monthly fee is worth it. 

Ring is one of the top brands for this technology. You can set it up with an Alexa device and connect it to an app for remote access. With a contact-free device, you don’t need to be near your home to monitor the property.

Access Control Systems

Photo courtesy of Ted Systems, LLC.

With new technological advances, gone are the days of searching frantically for your keys. You can now carry a card in your wallet and enter your lake house using an access control system. Typically, this type of security system is used for corporate buildings rather than residences, but this technology has recently been adopted for homeowners. It’s also reasonably simple to install. The first step is purchasing a door reader with a corresponding card that allows you to enter your home. As long as you’re the only one with the card, no one else can enter your lake house property. 

At Lake Homes Realty, we care about the security of your property. Whether you’re a permanent lake house resident or a second homeowner, we hope these systems help you keep your property and family safe! 

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