6 Exercises That Are Better At The Lake

For the fitness fans, exercising can be fun, but it is even more fun to exercise at the lake. Anything from swim routines to yoga can be refreshing at the lake. The following are six exercises that you can do at the lake and enjoy every minute of your fitness routine.

Swimming at your lake

There are several types of swimming that can be done at a lake. With a large, refreshing and scenic body of water at your disposal, swimming can whip you into shape quickly, or help maintain your fitness goals.

Distance swimming is easily done in lake waters without the confinement of laps in a pool. Water Aerobics are fun in a shallow area that you can easily touch bottom. It is a guaranteed way to get your heart rate up while simultaneously strength training.

The resistance of the water serves the same purpose as weights, and high repetitions will burn calories and tone muscles in no time. The water also provides buoyancy, which will help build muscle endurance at low impact. Jogging in place, jumping jacks and leg kicks are great examples of exercises to include in your regimen.

running on a trail by the lakeRunning around the lake

Find a trail through the woods and take off. Dodging limbs, shuffling over roots and hurdling fallen logs not only add interest to your run, but also shake up the monotony. The variations in movements make a great cardio workout and allows upper body toning.

Natural inclines and declines change up the terrain of your path without pressing a button on a treadmill. Fill your lungs with fresh air, indulge in the shade of the trees and allow yourself to get distracted by the beautiful scenery.

It will make the time go by faster and will likely become a healthy addiction.

Ground Cardio

Take advantage of the ground’s natural cushion and stretch out on your back. Crunches and sit-ups are a great way to work abs, and there are many variations that employ other muscles such as arms and legs to get the most out of your workout. Flip over and do push-ups.

For the fitness ambitious, add squats, burpees, and hold plank for a minute or two. If you work up a sweat, no problem. Take a dip in the lake water to cool off, then start up your exercise again!

Cycling at your favorite lake

Hop on your bicycle and to two things at once: cycle and explore. Find smooth pavement and follow the curves and hills, or take your bike off-road for a cycling challenge. Keep your mind occupied with the beauty of your surroundings and allow the RPM’s to do their job. But why go at it alone? Grab a bicycle for each family member and enjoy a great workout with great company.


Another way to take advantage of lake waters is to toss a kayak into the water and go on a water adventure. Kayaking is primarily an upper-body sport, but it also works core muscles in your back and stomach. Be sure to have the right equipment, such as a helmet, life jacket and throw ropes. Don’t let cool weather stop you. Just pull on a wet suit and paddle away.

Pilates and Yoga while at the lake

Pilates and Yoga work every muscle group effectively. By nature, yoga is calming. But take the routine outdoors lakeside, and refresh the body as well as the soul. Pilates is much more challenging and involved with moves that will make calories and muscles burn. Choose one or the other, or throw them together in a Pi-Yo combination to get the best of both worlds.


Many exercises can be done outdoors. Get creative and use your natural surroundings at the lake to your advantage. There’s no reason that you couldn’t combine fitness and fun for yet another outdoor activity that can be done at your lake home.

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