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Cleaning rain gutters is not normally at the top of a homeowner’s to do list, but it should be.

Gutters clogged with leaves and other debris can overfill and crack. When damage like this is sustained, rain water spills in undesirable places causing unforeseen damage.

A single leak in the gutters can result in foundation cracking, mold and mildew growth, flooding in basements and crawl spaces, soil erosion under a home’s foundation and more.

Structural damage to homes can be costly to fix; while, mold and mildew can even increase the risk of respiratory illnesses and home deterioration.

Properly maintained gutters and downspouts are an important part of household maintenance that help to prevent costly renovations.


Install Some Downspout Extensions and Schedule Regular Maintenance

The first step in protecting your home from water damage is to schedule regular maintenance on gutters, downspouts and extensions.

At least twice a year, all areas need to be checked for clogs, leaks, holes, rust and any fungal growth. Any of the aforementioned issues in your gutter system need to be fixed as soon as they are discovered.

If your home does not already have them, installing downspout extensions will allow you to redirect rain water away from your home, landscaping and areas prone to erosion.

Water can be redirected up to 50 feet away from your property.

Think About Installing Gutter Guards

One way to cut down on clogs inside your gutters is to install gutter guards. These guards can be mesh, grated metal or thin metal sheets.

Installed over the open tops of the gutters, they keep leaves and other debris from clogging up the drainage system.

If you install gutter guards be sure they are easy to remove for occasional, but necessary, cleaning.

Seal All Leaks Using Gutter Seal

If a portion of the gutter is leaking, it is not necessary to replace the entire system. There are products available to seal such leaks and help to avoid potentially expensive repairs.

Products used for this purpose can be found at most hardware stores.

Take note that it will be necessary to completely clean the gutter system and allow it to dry prior to applying the product. Most include strips of plastic and adhesive to repair torn areas.

Inspect and Re-position the Splash Blocks Frequently

Splash blocks are plastic, ceramic or concrete ramps that are seen in many yards under the downspouts.

Occasionally these are pushed out of position by the water coming down from the gutters. When this happens, rain water could potentially flow under the foundation and into crawl spaces of your home.

Heavier splash guards are more stable. Decorative blocks are also available for homes. Click here to search your favorite on Amazon.

Gutter Cleaning Reminders

Always remember to keep on top of your gutter maintenance to protect your home from damage by setting quarterly reminders.

If you do not have the capability to do the maintenance yourself, there are professionals that you can hire to do the maintenance for you.

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jason smith October 9, 2017 at 9:07 am

you are right, many people they don’t have gutter cleaning in do list but as you mention its equally important to do.I am also from them who don’t look after gutter system but from now onwards I will look after it.thank you for this article.


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