Have Fun Exploring The Lake With Geocaching

geocaching map of lake lanier GA
Geocache locations on Lake Lanier, GA

Unless you are an avid outdoorsman or go camping quite a bit, you may not have heard about the game of Geocaching.

It is a fun outdoor activity in which all who play use a GPS or cell phone and other navigational means to hide and then seek containers which they call geocaches.

Think of it as a game of hide and seek that can be played anytime, anywhere, by anyone.

A geocache is typically a waterproof container with a notebook and writing utensil inside. This is used for logging the items once they have been found.

It can be a fun and unique way for you and your children to explore an area. How to play:

The Basics

• You can register online
• Download the Geocache app or Search the website for your zipcode (or the area you’d like to explore)
• Choose a geocache from a list
• Enter the specific coordinates of the geocache into your GPS
• Use your GPS to help you find the geocache that is hidden
• Sign the log book and place it back in it’s found location
• Share your stories online as well as photos and tips

Other Things to Note

• A geocache may contain a trinket that can be “traded.” If you take the trinket, you must leave something of equal or greater value for the next person!
• If you make a trade, note it in the log.
• Your experience should also be logged online.

There are a number of places where geocaching is more prominent, but you can do it almost anywhere.

Geocache spots can be found all over the world in places that are very significant to the individual who originally hid the cache. The locations can vary from a park all the way to a possible long hike.

These geocaches are often cleverly hidden or disguised to make finding them more challenging and fun! This can be particularly true at the lake with some locations only accessible by boat.

Geocaching is a free, fun, and adventurous way for the whole family to get out and explore an area!

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