Fun Wildlife Family Activity at Your Lake – Can You Find These Animals?

Time spent on the lake provides priceless entertainment and education for those searching for fun wildlife near the water. For an engaging family activity, see if you can spot any of the animals on our fun wildlife lake list.

Cowscow in water

While cows are normally found grazing fields near small ponds they are occasionally spotted on larger lakes.

This particular cow was spotted on Logan Martin Lake in July of 2016.

Cows are the largest domesticated mammalia.


Bullfrogs are amphibians. They eat creepy, crawly bugs but are not dangerous to larger species.

These creatures of land and water live in lakes, slow streams and ponds. The bullfrog is the largest of frogs in North America and make a deep loud call which is amplified by their internal vocal sac.

Bull frogs live predominately in the water but can be seen at the edge or on stumps and rocks in moist areas. You will find they are more active during the night.


Turtles range in species and sizes. Most turtles are not dangerous, but snapping turtles can take off a finger so stay at a safe distance if you do not know which type of turtle is near you.

They eat bugs and small fish. Turtles spend most of their time in the water but can be seen on land as well.


two ducks on rocks

Ducks are one of the easiest animals to spot around lakes and ponds. While they are fun wildlife to observe,  they will snap at you if you get too close.

Their hissing is an interesting sound, but it is a warning that they feel threatened and you should back away.

If you are visiting a campground or live on the lake, ducks are typically more friendly and love to gather as you throw popcorn or pieces of bread.


Beavers are natural dam builders. You can find their handy work all around lakes and rivers where they have built dams as their shelters.

They live their lives in the water and are amazing swimmers.

These fury animals should be left alone, but are amazing to watch at work and swim.


Deer are elegant, graceful creatures that love cool, clear water for drinking. Deer run extremely fast and jump really high when spooked, so try to be quiet when you see them.

These beautiful animals are majestic and docile. In areas that humans visit often like campgrounds and homes on the lake, they become used to humans and may not spook as easily.

If you have a home on the lake, you can plant clover to get the deer to graze near your home. When they venture close to eat your clovers, you will get a great view of your fun wildlife semi-pet deer.


Raccoonraccoons on logs over the water

Raccoons are the thieves of the wild, they are rambunctious and fun to watch but can be troublesome for trashcans that tip over easily.

Some raccoons become so used to humans that they will make eye contact then go about their business.

Raccoons may bite if you get too close, so keep a safe distance when observing.

They only come out at night, so if you see a raccoon during the day, call animal control as this raccoon may be ill and dangerous.

For More Fun Wildlife Information

To read about more fun wildlife on lakes Environmental Education for Kids has numerous interesting facts. And check out our article, “Have Fun Exploring The Lake With Geocaching” for another family activity to try!


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